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  I've Been Stabbed In The Back So Many Many Times
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 16th October 2019, 01:14 - Replies (28)

So yeah. 

It happened.

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  (Collectable/Bookem Rare) Muttley SubVersion sale
Posted by: Muttley - 15th October 2019, 15:51 - Replies (2)

Ez subverts,

Besides my local Rapture shop.
For sale...all mint, all CDs. 
Make offers by private message. 
Please do not email any of my e-addresses, it will filter into junk mail.
Please let me know Statto when thread moving. 
Everyone, this incredibly moving music has been hand selected as items to free up space. You can pick any or more, and if you are patient, I may ship internationally for bulk offers, like I did in my mid teens.

First 15 - first come, first considered...

James Holden - The Idiots Are Winning mint
A Silver Mount Zion - Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward RARE GODSPEED OUT OF PRINT mint
Rapoon - Time Frost - Glacial Movements - Rare - Mint CD (Ambient)
17 Pygmies - Isobel RARE mint Digipak

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Yawn G Lab Mix - 10/14/2019 (Free Download) Genotype, Just Jungle, Mastermind
Posted by: genotypejjungle - 14th October 2019, 20:00 - No Replies

Bandcamp :

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  Attn SC Mod Gods - Format messed up - what gives?
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 13th October 2019, 11:23 - Replies (17)

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  Mr Lindo / AKA AO
Posted by: safetyboy - 9th October 2019, 03:32 - Replies (2)

long time boyo's hope all is well. All is good in Ireland but I'm looking for some contact with Colin if anyone could pass on his details or get him to give me a shout here.

Cheers buddy's. I know he lives close but not a fan of popping down to the county as Mick pressure is driving round like Kurt Rustle on the Carlow express, he's the only contact I have close.


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  Operon - What's Happening Ep (Offworld069) out now
Posted by: LM1 - 8th October 2019, 13:33 - No Replies

Operon - What's Happening Ep (Offworld069) out now

[Image: cCeyQRwg.jpg]

Release date: October 7th 2019 worldwide at all good outlets.

Audio HERE

Available now at :

The Offworld Bandcamp store
ITunes UK
ITunes US
Juno download

Operon returns to Offworld, following up his excellent 'Kingpin Ep' with another ep of delicious cosmic funk.
Operon has been over 10 years in the drum and bass community. His productions have had support from heavyweights such as Ltj Bukem, London Elektricity, Big bud, Fabio and Grooverider.  
He also has his excellent long running show 'Australian Atmospherics'on bassdrive and djs regularly at events.

Title track 'What's Happening' is an infectious upbeat roller with phat bass, crunchy stabs, vocal bites and smooth sounds.

'Three Lions' goes deeper with a stripped back feel, dubby bass and gnarly riffs. The track continues to rise in intensity when the main riff is filtered in.

Mastered by SC

Art by Parhelia

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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  Chess on the BBC
Posted by: Muttley - 8th October 2019, 09:40 - Replies (2)

This was refreshing last night (Monday 7th October 2019, 19:30ish PM). It was some kind of One Show program link, but much more interesting than that saccharine entertainment show usually is, which I can rarely watch as a result due to overexposure. I like the doggies and Springwatch type stuff they report on, but the rest I can do without, too bland.

Evidently, about gifted Chinese/Japanese mathematical geniuses, one only aged 11, playing up to 8 different games of chess at once, against Grandmaster (teachers).

Yeah, eventually 11 year old kid lost to the Grandmaster for the first time, when it should have been a drawn position, but he did incredibly well.

Some of my very close friends (and that is hard for me) talk about the theoretical implications of the brain "not learning anything new after 25 years of age", as in another way to say "not developing any new brain cells", that is to say "degenerating in size until cordial dementia and Alzheimers overtakes us all later in life". Whatever. The point is that it's so good to see such a variety of old school style subjects being brought back into the fold of curriculum education.

Wouldn't it be nice to see chess taught in Maths classes as an impromptu random type treat/chore?
I think a lot of kids would enjoy it, since the reason I still collect Pokémon battle cards is because the Catalan is threaded through the entire cards/Poker/boardgame synaptic.

Just a few thoughts.

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  Recording cassettes
Posted by: Leitmotif - 5th October 2019, 14:36 - Replies (5)

Hi all. I have hundreds of cassettes from back in the day, mostly of mixes or recordings from the radio. So far I've got through two £15 cassette-to-mp3 players bought off Amazon, both of which stopped working within a couple of days despite being treated with the utmost care. Looking at the alternatives on Amazon, I think they're all made by the same company. None of them have decent ratings.

Anyway, I don't want to throw out all my old cassettes. Does anyone know of a cassette-to-mp3 player that both works and lasts?

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  Having issues with Ableton and ASIO drivers
Posted by: Muttley - 1st October 2019, 07:09 - Replies (2)

Hi subverts, your resident nagger Muttley here. 

Having some trouble this morning with wiring my solid state synth model of Novation Bass Station and its presets into the ReWire facility of Ableton Live 8 Suite that I bought from dionysus for a great price here 10 years ago. Ableton is the bomb production wise. 

Ableton is my go-to suite, I know lots of the modular stuff and how it works, to some inside out, but me, I'm no expert. My main issue is:

1. ASIO drivers either need updating, and
2. I don't know now today where to get the ideal ones from, and or
3. The "non page located" type error is common with bluescreen dichotomy, and
4. None of this helps me find an answer to the root cause. 

The location of the problem:

Switching from MME/DirectX to "ASIO" in the help section/features menu of 8. Obviously new drivers are needed, it's occurred b4. 

Any help greatly appreciated. This is not an urgent issue, take your time. But it'd be good to use the Bass Station actively today. x M
It's more than likely I'll sort the issue out myself in the meantime - and then I'll tell you how I sorted it, and if it really was as easy as installing the right drivers. My issue is always "which" and "when", not "what" and "how". Anyone can learn how and what, even a dumb hick like me.

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  Incorporate - Lightyears EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]
Posted by: wiz - 26th September 2019, 22:12 - No Replies

Incorporate - Lightyears EP [I:A / Inception:Audio]

The term INCORPORATE not only stands for „absorbing reality into music“ but also for integrating different ways to do so.
That's what Constantin, Florian, and Yan actually do. They all work on music differently, they have different strengths and weaknesses and approaches to handle them and they live very different lifes.
These contrasts form the inner core of the creativity behind the project.
They overcome the principles of similarity and build up on the synergies that derive.
They borrow ideas from the Past, the Present and the Future and they call it dark, deep and minimal Drum & Bass.

[Image: artworks-000589813763-rt.jpg]

Incorporate - Lightyears EP [IA015]

01 / Incorporate - Hidden Path
02 / Incorporate - Lightyears Away
03 / Incorporate - Never Say Never
04 / Incorporate - Things About To Happen

Look for this one at digital stores via:


Stream here:


Follow to support:

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