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There should be some site archiving oldskool music
Shouldnt there?

The heritage must be preserved Smile

Tarzan with soundclips would be the shit.

I know there would be legal issues and all that jazz......and the bandwidth might get cained ultra-heavily.....but still!
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archiving audio and edits in SX
is there a way of determening which edits go with each song so for backing up purposes i can have a disk with everything needed for the song in one

should mention all my edits and audio for sx tracks are in one folder steinberg>cubase>my tunes>edits, >audio etc..

i have a project folder in a desktop folder for each song, but this just has the raw samps in usually and rex files stuff like that so if i do any audio track editing in sx they are all saved in the folders mentioned above right??
Author: plume - Replies: 3 - Views: 1081
Jungle Archive - an adventure in vinyl archiving.
Cheers SC -

I started a relatively interesting project last week which is to archive my entire d'n'b vinyl collection as a daily/weekly/when I can "tune of the day" blog format - looking back has been a ton of fun and it's great hearing tunes from my days as a dj. It's crazy the amount of memories associated with music. I hope you'll have fun looking back with me as most of these will be recognizable to many a d'n'b head. I'll do my best to mirror my posts here on this thread. Enjoy!


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