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Dealing with disappointment
so i failed finals........

it was on the cards, my heart hasn't really been there for the last year or so

i have retakes in february, and if i fail again im off

I did work my ass of in the summer in the vain hope that i could make up the stuff i didn't do

Im just bothered that i may have wasted the last four years doing something i didn't really want to do and getting into debt

They say its not the end of the world, and it isn't, but my head has been well and trully buggered by th
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Help dealing with Phase issues
Hey fellas,

Could do with a little help here, I'm using omnisphere for the pads on a track I'm making and I'm running into phase cancellation problems. When running the tune in stereo it sounds great with a nice full stereo image, but when I hit the mono switch the pads pretty much disappear. Perhaps part of the problem is the Chorus Delay module on Omnisphere, as turning the depth down on it seems to make the problem much less apparent, but then it loses a lot of the richness and width of
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Trevor the Death-Dealing Cockney Weasel

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