Author: Unsane - Replies: 4 - Views: 880
Author: _cform - Replies: 17 - Views: 874
sampling sega master systems.
alex kid is the best.
Author: esb - Replies: 29 - Views: 708
support your local "finnish edit master"
Author: Macc - Replies: 9 - Views: 280
Young Master Scope.......
you said you'd let me know when the cd got there, but you haven't yet.........Nervous JEDIcrying ........... your gig is tomorrow, no?

not nagging, just........... erm, err, okay, alright, i'm nagging Baffled :d
Author: DJFracture - Replies: 36 - Views: 907
Who is Master of the Soul Pride?
been thinking about my fave break today, and i started to wonder who is the true Master of the Soul Pride?

my vote goes to Squarepusher.

the Hard Normal Daddy LP just confirmed my belief.
Author: Code - Replies: 68 - Views: 7818
CDJ Master Tempo Button
How does this work?

Say you pitch up a track to +6 so you can mix it in to 'normal' speed D&B (!!!) and it sounds a bit silly... if you press the 'Master Tempo' button it can make the tune sound slower but yet the tempo stays the same. How does this work then?

Good feature either way... wouldn't be able to play mix much of Macc's stuff otherwises... would just sound waaaay too fast Lol
Author: Naphta - Replies: 30 - Views: 1625
Pez: Master Of THE FUNK!!!
Got a CD from Pez - a kinda Beginner's Guide To Funk - BIG UP PEZ!! Just what I needed to get me into it.... superb stuff... (Brother Williams Icon_eek ).... raw n gritty!! Twisted
Author: SETI - Replies: 4 - Views: 309
master musicians of Jajouka appreciation
...anybody heard this? -hear the primordial sounds of the 4,000 year old rock'n'roll band
Author: monkey man - Replies: 9 - Views: 729
Anyone remember Dungeon Master or Chaos Strikes back...
...on the Atari ST?

Had a bit of a retro-nostalgia moment, talking about how good the ST was back in the day, and remembered this. One of the only computer games I REALLY got into! Fucking classic!!! Someone should remake it...

Author: fanu - Replies: 6 - Views: 777
Does anyone have Bernard Purdie master drummer CD/vinyl?
I could use some breaks Smile

Some ppl once promised me to send me some stuff off it but i never heard from em again :-/

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