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Clapping Steve Reich ........
Did anyone see the programme on BBC2 last night bout this bloke ??

He is a very intresting man he can clap all different drum patterns and time sigs.

However his view on music is slightly one sided:-

"Electronic music as such will gradually die and be absorbed into the ongoing music of people singing and playing instruments."

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EUrabian 4th Reich: We Will Nuke You Preemptively
The warmongering Nazi cowboys of the EUrabian Fourth Reich are now threatening the innocent and oppressed world with preemptive nuclear holocaust.


[quote]France could use its nuclear capability to defend its neighbours, French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said in an interview Monday, while also urging European Union states to increase military spending.

She said that rogue states "could one day point their m
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Philip Glass / Steve Reich
i want to broaden my musical horizon and those names crossed my mind. can anyone recommend some releases by those guys?
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Ensemble Modern performs Steve Reich, Tue 18 Jan, Barbican
At the Barbican centre, You Are (Variations).

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Steve Reich - Drumming - 1971
A masterpeice.

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Steve Reich - You Are
has anyone heard this?

sounds interesting, wouldn't mind a few opinions before picking it up though

From The Label:
On his latest Nonesuch release, You Are (Variations), Steve Reich recalls the approach and sound of some of his most celebrated early work - groundbreaking repertoire like The Desert Music, Tehillim and Music For 18 Musicians - while creating vital, spiritually stirring new music for right now. The four-movement title piece, written for voices and live instruments inc
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Remix steve reich's 18 musicians

no samples pack tho just the mp3

worth a giggle

get a release with fourtet and alex smoke (?)

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Phases - The Music of Steve Reich @The Barbican, 28/09-08/10

anyone else going?

i've got tickets for:
steve reich 70th birthday concert / london symphony orchestra on the 1st of october
quintessential reich - maya beiser, steve reich & musicians with synergy vocals, brad lubman on the 8th of october

lots of free events too Xyxthumbs

can't wait Icon_yippee
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Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians
Homerdrool Homerdrool Homerdrool

Pretty much been listening to this non stop. Seriously beautiful. The bit in Section IV when the brass / clarinets (i think) come in... goosebumps!!!
I saw a documentary about him no that long ago,it showed some fottage fo this live. I'd love to see it.
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Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians (Section IV)


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