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question about rpm
why are some tunes pressed at 33 and others at 45..? the Deep Blue on the Offshore EP is 33 but everything else is 45. for that matter, why is so much jungle at 45 ... hip-hop records are usually 33 i think.

ps just got Spiritualism in the mail ... jeeeeez that's some ninja shit right there!!!!
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Samedi 19 février 2005

Nouveau Casino
109, rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris
10 euros
0h à l'aube

RPM présente
PARADOX LIVE (Reinforced/Outsider/Esoteric/UK)
Nucleus (Reinforced/Twisted Funk/UK)

Dj’s RPM Crew : Cycle, Nu-Forms, J'M Irie, Lazy Alf & Ginger…

Une fois de plus l’équipe de RPM & rootspeople.com va droit au but(...toujours plus de funk !) et vous offre en exclusivité l’élite du breakbeat Britannique... Avec cette fois une soirée Spéciale « Re
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RPM with DEEP BLUE + J DA FLEX in Paris
[Image: http://www.rootspeople.com/img/albums/0/...p-blue.jpg]

Vendredi 06 janvier 2006
109, rue Obekampf
75011 Paris
5 euros avant 01h, 10 euros après

DEEP BLUE ( Scale/Offshore/UK)
J DA FLEX (Co-Op/BBC 1Xtra/UK)
CYCLE (RPM/Studimetis/FR)
Dj ACCIDENT (RPM/Studiometis/FR)
Video Perfomer /Selector (RPM/Studiometis/FR)

don't sleep Wink

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Deep Blue mix@rpm party/06/01/2006
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13 mins play time @ 33 rpm ...
How will that cut to vinyl ?

will it sound okay ?

I mean, I know that 12 mins is meant to be the limit before the cut begins to suffer but how much difference will the extra minute make ?

I did have to drop "Panic Kills" off the Macc EP because it was gonna be pressed on the same side as another tune (making 15 mins!) and was told by Beau at Heathmans that the cut would be really quiet but I presume the nearer you get to the 12 minute threshold, the better and louder the sound
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Collection of 78 rpm records
slashdot.com Wrote:"While the RIAA is busy changing its image to a snake eating its own tail, one man is busy digitizing out-of-print 78s. 'There's a whole world of music that you don't hear anymore, and it's on 78 RPM records,' he stated to Wired. Right now, you can find about 4,000 MP3s on his site, with no digital noise reduction implemented yet."

check it out - http://78records.cdbpdx.com/

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