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Posted by: Euphony - Yesterday, 07:20 - No Replies

Omni Music welcomes the stunning sounds of newcomer Muon. Inspired by the atmospheric sound of the late 90's, he has crafted 4 beautiful works of art that are the perfect accompaniment to serene days and pure contemplation. Emotional melodies, crisp beats and pads full of expression keep the music weaving through a plethora of sonic landscapes. This is an outstanding debut, and Omni will be watching this talent very closely for more deep and resonate journeys.

[Image: a1067947452_10.jpg]

Available at the following online stores:


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  [by way of agency] recommendations for new dark ambient, and old
Posted by: Muttley - 24th August 2019, 14:00 - No Replies

hey subverts, and non subverts, or newbies who lurk

wanted to sew together a few things for the site - developing a part time additions thread for this subforum, where I recommend things around me, my own "what's happening" but basically for ambient music; dark music; kosmische musick, soundtrack stuff, heavy artillery. this is all the business i'm really interested in - all bass, no treble, so to drift.

and so I've been playing an excellent 2008 release again that I used to know where my cd was, but I have boomkat DL - "Bleaklow" by The Stranger.

what's this? heavy doomy industrial shit. really raw. scary without being sweet. like Coil's weather vane, positioned in a storm and subjected to the violence of the Gods.
yeah that's a bit OTT, but this music isn't. it does sound otherworldly though. a total mind melting experience. not for the faint of heart.
don those cans and crank it, this is deep.

feel free anyone to join in, say thanks, you can talk to me, although i'm getting increasingly passive aggressive in my old age.
here's a good link:

edit 1: the best link related to this release though is probably

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  Treex - Keys From The Past ep (Offworld068) out now
Posted by: LM1 - 23rd August 2019, 19:19 - No Replies

[Image: offworld-19-2-v1-1-1.jpg]

Release date: August 19th 2019 worldwide at all good outlets.

Audio HERE

Available now at :

The Offworld Bandcamp store
ITunes UK
ITunes US
Juno download

Brice aka Treex has been involved in the french Drum & Bass scene for several years as a dj and promotor.
He began producing in 2011 and since then he has released tracks on respected labels such as Totaal Rez records, Liquid Brilliants, Soul Deep, Influenza and Liquid Tones.
Now he debuts on Offworld with a couple of infectiously upbeat rollers to easily slot into a set.

'Soften' is an Offworld melodic excursion with sombre sounds and keys, a deep bass and a driving rhythm.

Title track 'Keys from the past' has an upbeat liquid vibe with sweet keys and atmospheres.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

Art by Parhelia

NEWS: We`ve opened a new store at Dizzyjam where you can buy tees,hoodies,mugs,caps and even tote bags. You can choose from many sizes and colours.
Tees are digitally printed to last long and prices are set as low as they can go, enjoy!

Offworld Dizzyjam

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.
Offworld Bandcamp
Offworld Dizzyjam Merchandise Store
Offworld soundcloud
Offworld Facebook
LM1/Offworld twitter
Offworld Youtube

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  Equinox - Early Works 93-94 (The Demos) LP
Posted by: firefinga - 22nd August 2019, 15:46 - Replies (2)

Stumbled across this on the jungle-group on discogs.

Pete Dev/Null wrote:

As the title indicates, these tunes are some of the earliest that Equinox (aka Marlon Sterling) produced. They were written back when Marlon was just 15-16 years old, around the time of his first release, the “Brain Records Crew EP”. Unlike that EP, which was made in collaboration with Bizzy B, these tunes were all written by Marlon in his bedroom using only an Amiga… pure 8-bit business!

Clips/Art up here:

Big big thanks to Marlon for entrusting me to do this release, it’s an honour to release these early tunes.

“Early Works 93-94 (The Demos)” will be released on limited edition doublepack gatefold vinyl, available for preorder on August 23rd 2019 at 7pm UK time exclusively through the 8205 Bandcamp.

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Cool NSF DJ Sickhead - No U Turn Retrospektive Mix Part 1
Posted by: DJSICKHEAD - 20th August 2019, 08:09 - Replies (4)

Here i go again w a new mix .... deep, dark and dirty \m/


INSTAGRAM: needsomefunk68

01. Ed Rush - Bludclot Artattack (Dark Mix) NUT–002
02. DJ Buz - Slave NUT–005
03. DJ Gunshot - Black Magic NUT–006
04. DJ Buz - Watch Me Now NUT–008
05. DJ Gunshot - Wheel n Deal NUT–009
06. DJ Gunshot - Soundboy NUT–010
07. Ed Rush - Gangsta Hardstep NUT–011
08. Ed Rush - Guncheck NUT–012
09. Ruffkutt - Dub White NUT–004
10. DJ Buz - Warrior Charge NUT-005
11. DJ Gunshot - Soundtest NUT–010
12. Ed Rush - The Force Is Electric NUT–011
13. DJ Buz - Slave (Special) NUT–008

njoy and show me your [Image: 2764.png]

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  Lajwah - Coke en Stock [August 2019]
Posted by: esb - 19th August 2019, 15:03 - Replies (1)

Easy all SC!

Made a new mix last night and wanted to share. Some classics mixed with some newer bits and not so new bits...

Lajwah - Coke en Stock

01 - iO - Claire - Mo’ Wax
02 - Ian Pooley - Durmitor - Lossless
03 - Speedy J - Flashback - Plus 8
04 - The Golden Filter - Autonomy - 4GN3S
05 - Mark Henning - Chav Land - Soma
06 - Acid Pauly - Amadou (Stimming Remix) - Ouie
07 - Akufen - Play (Never Work Til Monday) - Quartet Series
08 - John Tejada - Performance Review - Palette
09 - Frankey - Dream - Poker Flat
10 - Ditian - Paranoia - Sum Over Histories
11 - Toto Chiavetta - Metrica - Innervisions[/font]


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Posted by: Euphony - 11th August 2019, 08:08 - No Replies


Pete Rann is back once again to deliver more funky rhythms and soulful breakbeat with an EP of 4 varied tracks. With a mix of Drum and Bass as well as summer-sounding funky breaks, this is another masterclass of how to create music that makes you smile. This is music for those hot summer barbecues, while you sip your cooling drinks and nod your head to the heartfelt grooves.

[Image: B1y0yW7.jpg]

Available now at:


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  the best beginning to an LP...
Posted by: Statto - 9th August 2019, 12:32 - No Replies


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  Attn DJ ML
Posted by: firefinga - 8th August 2019, 09:07 - Replies (1)

The following is being rereleased, I thought it might be up your alley, ML:

Also available via Redeyerecords Smile

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  Starkey - New Theia: Tomorrow - August 2019
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 6th August 2019, 21:54 - Replies (1)


[Image: a1615829028_10.jpg]

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