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  PENRYN SPACE AGENCY Radio Show - PSA057 - MAY 2020 - now in the archive
Posted by: Penryn Space Agency - 1st June 2020, 23:58 - No Replies

🚀PSA057 now in the archive at
2hrs of highly infectious 🔥🆕spacey selfIsolation electronic music
1st Broadcast 23MAY2020 on The Source FM, Cornwall UK

evidence based analysis of the state of spacey electronic music

🚀PSA057 now in the archive at
2hrs of #EvidenceBasedAnalysis on the state of spacey electronic music     
highly infectious 🔥🆕 braindance IDM techno DnB dubstep acid jungle 🛒


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Posted by: Euphony - 31st May 2020, 07:48 - Replies (1)

Omni Music presents it's 200th EP, with an extended release of label owner Eschaton's beats. This release features a selection of VIP and radio edits of earlier tracks; plus a couple of rediscovered short pieces to blend the soundscape into a longer coherent narrative. As usual, expect deep atmospherics, crisp rhythms and a healthy dose of ethereal soul. Omni Music would like to thank all those who have allowed them to get to this milestone and we stay determined to aim for another 200 EP's.
Original versions appear on Advection Music, Audio Theory Records, Reminiscence Records and Materializm. Check those fantastic labels out for more deep music.

[Image: a4154696956_10.jpg]

Available at:


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  Dissymmetrical Music [DSSM 18]
Posted by: Limit/Asymmetric - 29th May 2020, 17:04 - No Replies

Dissymmetrical 18 OUT NOW!

[Image: 0uoBodVRbru6e-yxyy2FNX3HjJl30EXwFF3o9N_o...authuser=0]

  1. Limit+Asymmetric - The Only Way
  2. Line_out - Jungle Chant (Limit remix)
  3. Asymmetric - Fix
Buy Digital:

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  Drum & Bass: The Movement - The D&B Documentary
Posted by: Statto - 27th May 2020, 13:01 - Replies (4)

I found this very interesting Greenthumbuespecially because I couldn't give a shit about most of the music in it. Before, I'd have said drum 'n' bass was very important to me. But here's 20 years worth which just seems like a whole load of interchangeable filler tracks. Fascinating.

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  Marc Renton - Time & Tide Ep (Offworld077) out now
Posted by: LM1 - 25th May 2020, 18:30 - No Replies

Marc Renton  - Time & Tide Ep (Offworld077)

[Image: offworld-19-3-v0-renton.jpg]

Audio HERE

Release date: May 25th 2020 worldwide at all good outlets.

The Offworld Bandcamp store
ITunes UK
ITunes US
Juno download

1. RoyGreen & Protone, Marc Renton - Ocean
2. Marc Renton – Time & Tide

Marc Renton has been producing border-cutting ambient-spheres and intelligent designed Drumfunk in Munich successfully for many years.
On his debut ep for Offworld recordings he teams up with the immensely talented `RoyGreen & Protone` from Vienna for the first track of his ep entitled `Ocean`. `RoyGreen & Protone` have had releases on Fokuz, Celsius, Spearhead and Dispatch recordings.

`Ocean` is a beautifully delicate warm atmospheric off beat track with gated pads and subtle melodic riffs.
`Time and Tide` by Marc is a high energy intelligent track with busy light breaks and percussion featuring lovely phased pads and synths.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

The Offworld Recordings catalogue can be found at all good digital stores

Check our facebook for news, sound clips, and forthcoming titles.

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  FR & Longformacus - The Dangerous Pike project
Posted by: Muttley - 25th May 2020, 10:36 - No Replies

Muttley SubVersion presents a full album's worth in progress by the over time developed Dangerous Pike alias, aka FR (Foci's Right) and Longformacus (long-form improv) dual-type. 

What are we looking at here? The artwork is the recently aired on this forum "Snakes And Lathers" finished digital oils painting. Very primitive, designed to depict a tame snake pit. Snakes are all around us, visually, if you just remember anything streaky, other than a stick, resembles a snake for the most part. Whatever, I always had a love for pikes and mandrakes. 

The idea "Dangerous Pike" is an insider joke based on "you stupid boy!" from Arthur Lowe's Captain Mannering character in the classic Dad's Army 60s comedy. Pike is the youngest recruit, so the idea is to pretend the pioneers (or pikes) are actually dangerous in battle, or aggressive, when they're not. Like many ecosystem creatures, a drake (based on ancient Kraken dragon snake technology from the inverse future, that is not a joke, it depends on what you know) or a pike (either anaconda crusher or python biter types) only attack prey for acids inside it. Hence you can actually tame a python or anaconda for proper rehoming in a zoo or nursery by normal acids radiation. 

I don't recommend you go and look for one, though. Anyhow, in this project I'm being heavily influenced by snake auditory canals, snake hearing being some of the best hearing available, and the sounds made by happy snakes. Enjoy the results, without the worry. Smile

Love, Mike xoxo

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Posted by: Euphony - 24th May 2020, 08:10 - Replies (1)


First up we have Sky High Volume 1

The atmospheric compilation series nears a close with this further installment of epic and deep beats. Showcasing a further sublime selection of Omni classics, this LP is chock full of engaging and timeless sounds from the rich back catalogue. From atmospheric amens to rolling soundscapes, there is something here for everyone. Thanks to Amen Insurgency for his support and input in compiling this monumental compilation.

[Image: a3095374885_10.jpg]

Enjoy & LM1 - She
Eschaton - Shores of Eris
Shadow Boxerz - Running on the Moon
Future Engineers & Eschaton - Ascension
Pariah - Re United
Parhelia - Ancient Cryogenics
Eschaton - Machine Elves
Pageant - Do You Remember
Meanone - Heart Nebula
The Drumkilla - Constellations
Jiva - Light Beings
Parhelia - Procyon Calling
Snik - Kepler
Eschaton - A Dream I Once Lived In
Gen - Eurynome Sensi
Sky Residents, Eschaton & Enjoy - Suenos (Instrumental Mix)
Intermitant - Project Three
Radium - Solace
Eschaton - Cepheus
Eschaton Ft Parallel - Dhamma

Available now at:

Next up is Sky High Volume 2:

The legendary atmospheric compilation series comes to an end with the final installment of epic and deep beats. This time we encounter more  blissful soundscapes built for journeys to the stars. This compilation features the previously unreleased 'Patterns of Light' from the awesome Deep Stealth. Thanks to Amen Insurgency for his support and input in compiling this monumental compilation and bringing this epic selection of Omni Beats to a close.

[Image: a0189931669_10.jpg]

Reborn - Mozaique
Radium - Waves
Muon - City Slider
Parhelia - Lost Kingdom of Fifty Swords
Pariah - Rotations
T.G.M - Lakes of Rila
Tidal - Floating Ecopolis
Ziyal - Expansion
Meanone - Destiny
Eschaton - Bohr
Deep Stealth - Patterns of Light
Eschaton - Perihelion
AwakeFM - Atlantis
Ziyal - Levels of Existence
Enjoy & Eschaton - Visions of Lives Once Led
AwakeFM - Archon
T.G.M - Infinite Quest
Eschaton - Aquila
Binary - Viewpoint
Necrotype - Aldebaran

Available now at:



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  PSA057 live on Source FM tonight 10PM (T-15mins)
Posted by: Penryn Space Agency - 23rd May 2020, 21:49 - No Replies


T - 25 mins until blast off
2hrs of new hot new spacey electronic shizzle 

No access to the studio do live talking/ bigups

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  Mixer pick for an amateur
Posted by: RickDangerous - 22nd May 2020, 08:19 - Replies (3)


I am only starting my more serious adventure with sound creation. I used to do it just for fun with no professional equipment but I love it and I would like to learn more, improve my skills etcetera etcetera. On top of that there is a tinie tiny possibility that I may have few live gigs in August. It is nothing special, it would be among friends, on a camping site but it would be a first for me. First thing I need and want is a decent Mixer. I browsed a bit, read this and that and came up with four possibilities. Could you please help me choose between:
Native Instruments Maschine MK3
Pioneer DDJ-SB3
Denon MC4000
Behringer X-TOUCH
I am the most inclined to get MK3 but is it a good pick?

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  DJ Muttley SubVersion - Let It Take You Mixset
Posted by: Muttley - 19th May 2020, 12:11 - No Replies

intro atmos - might as well jump
boards of canada - kid for today
goldfrapp - let it take you
kd lang - if i were you
spiritualized - medication
foci's left - cadiz anthem
ken peel - mamallapuram

nothing special or groundbreaking imo
basic mixing, and nice tunes

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