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  what this world needs...
Posted by: Statto - 1st January 2019, 11:52 - No Replies

... is a good two-dollar room and a good two-dollar broom

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  Happy New Year
Posted by: Statto - 1st January 2019, 07:51 - Replies (9)


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  PSA044 Dec2018 SAT 22/12/18 22:00-00:00GMT PENRYN SPACE AGENCY
Posted by: Penryn Space Agency - 22nd December 2018, 02:16 - Replies (1)

pHlogiston Saturated Audio

Next live show tomorrow night 22:00 GMT

#PSA044 pHlogiston saturated audio - music from 16 countries > as many genres > 68.42% released in the last month > 97.37% in the last 3
Its the best music on Earth music right now.  Don't settle for mediocre music or fake tunes

We'd strongly advise tuning in at 19:30 as foreplay provided by The Analogue Cabin https://www.mixcloud.../analogue-cabin

So there's 4.5hours of high grade lined up for the clicking tomorrow


If you are lucky enough to live close by, or just an adventurous nutjob, we've got a tasty bit of rave action lined up in Penryn (FTW), Cornwall, UK
Happy Saturnalia
Smile Krz & Maf

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  ATTN Statto 8'' Rettles
Posted by: firefinga - 15th December 2018, 00:02 - Replies (2)

Statto, since you are into 10" records, this might be of interest for you -

I stumbled across those release on discogs - they are listed as 8" vinyl ?!

EDIT: I went to their bandcamp page and the 8" vinyl is already gone...

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  Happy Birthday Statto!
Posted by: firefinga - 12th December 2018, 17:03 - Replies (4)

Happy B-Day Statto!

The Alpha and Omega of SC
The Chief of the last mohicans of SC

Have a good one!

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Posted by: Euphony - 9th December 2018, 12:13 - Replies (2)


Omni Music are proud to present our next vinyl release, which is on pre-order now Smile
This is a limited edition run of just 100 copies, so make sure you grab yours  while there are some left.
The expected release date is roughly 21st January, give or take a few days for any delays etc.

Continuing from the Celestial Changes EP, this takes the listener deeper and further into sublime atmospheric beats. 
The EP kicks off with the startling sounds of Abstract Drumz and Pageant who deliver a musical breakbeat injection of pure dancefloor soul with soothing pads, serene guitar licks, incredible beat edits and hypnotic subs. 
The EP continues with Eschaton and Parallel's deeply haunting and edit-laden track 'Into the Void', from their previous digitial only LP. Dark foreboding soundscapes sprinkled with ethereal eastern influences compete with crisp drum edits for control of your speakers, concluding in a string-laden epic finale. 
The B Side continues the sonic onslaught with Pariah & K3Bee who give a perfect lesson in how to make Space-Age atmospheric beats that wrap their sounds inside your mind and take over your synaptic responses, causing your body to move with the deep, thoughtful and engaging timbres. 
The EP ends with the uplifting vibes of 'Shangri-La' from Eschaton & Limit. Taking a different direction from most breakbeat jungle, this track soars on high with epic strings, heartfelt piano and beats that are there to make you smile with a cosmic grin. 
Omni Music will be back later in 2019 with their next vinyl excursion into even deeper territory.

[Image: 3449nkl.jpg]
[Image: 24brdcl.jpg]
[Image: jkdqps.jpg]

Audio here:

Available exclusively on pre-order only here:

Thanks to everyone for their support in 2018, it always means a lot and allows Omni to continue releasing beautiful music for beautiful people. Respects to you all Smile

Chris Eschaton

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  Triangular Ep | Next Phase Records | Free Download
Posted by: infest - 8th December 2018, 11:26 - Replies (2)

[Image: a2450049586_16.jpg]

Another year has almost passed and it was a great year for Next Phase Records.
So we want to thank everybody with this free Ep.

Infest, Drummotive and Phuture-T formed a triangle to recycle each others music into new ways.
The result is a journey into a deep and atmospheric vibe which is parallel to the Next Phase trademark. 

We hope you enjoy these tracks and are very grateful for any support.

01. Drummotive - From Above (Phuture-T Remix)
02. Phuture-T - Perpetual Motion (Infest Remix)
03. Infest - Tauria (Drummotive Remix)

Download at: Bandcamp


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  So who wants a Christmas mix then?
Posted by: Muttley - 7th December 2018, 10:16 - No Replies

i'm particularly with the ibiza chillout room styled blend between the Zipdj compilation and Chicane.
the john carpenter mix is unexpected, mixing dark techno with atmospheric jungle to good effect.
a bit shwantological, but also the usual fl/muttley mixtape style
contact me here, say you want a copy, otherwise there's no point, or email me at mbucki 07 at hotmail dot co dot uk

Various Artists - Best Of Ibiza Chillout Lounge
Chicane - Serendipity
Daq Rosenqvist - The Forest Diaries 4
The Invisible Man - The Chase (Past Help Just Play Fucking Loud Mix)
John Carpenter - Laurie's Theme
Kid Moxie - Blackberry Fields
FOUDRE - Flesh
FL - Marathon
Natural Snow Buildings - Orion Is Dead
Leyland Kirby - Drowning In The Quagmire
Maff Stenning - Retinal Nervous System Hotline
Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind
Tamaryn - Last
Trevor Wishart - Anticredos, for 6 amplified vocalists
Petrels - L Caution part three
Aphex Twin - Martin's Car LPF
Steve Roach - The Green Place (FL Remix)

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Posted by: kaos - 2nd December 2018, 21:45 - Replies (3)

[Image: a3459684152_10.jpg]

3. BOOCA - 140

The “Rare Feel EP” from Next Phase Records delivers 
four further adventures into the world of break beats. 
“Rare Feel” by K-Chaos instantly puts drums front and 
centre as the track progresses through a series of 
detailed edits and rhythms that build in intensity. A 
sinister bassline grumbles throughout as unsettling 
sounds punctuate this haunting crossover of funk 
and jungle. 

Sonic Art presents “Deep Feeling”, the perfect homage 
to Good Looking Records and the cosmic sounds 
of the mid nineties. Lasting almost ten minutes this 
captivating ride is awash with mystical bleeps and 
bright harmonies that create an atmospheric journey 
with warm bass. 

“1 4 0” by Booca drops the tempo for a lively blend of 
hip hop and jungle samples. Gated amens merge with 
apache edits as chords soar and a broad range of voices 
deliver cryptic messages. Rich in feel good factor 
this sample heavy track has an infectious uplifting 

Okee draws the EP to a close with “Them Solutions”. 
Dropping the tempo below the drum and bass standard 
subtle chords and curious noises echo over a 
bold drum groove and Alex Reece style percussion. 
The propulsive rhythm gives vitality as curious FX 
create intrigue and mystery. 
released November 20, 2018

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  #30 Day Song Challenge
Posted by: Statto - 2nd December 2018, 12:52 - Replies (106)

done in a "first song that comes into your head" kind of way



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