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Smile Pokemon Franchise - A Travelogue (1998-2018+)
Posted by: Muttley - 7th March 2018, 12:50 - Replies (6)


Pokemon Franchise - A Travelogue

What is Pokemon? Good question. Its "pocket monster" translation is simple. Life is a monster. This essay was one too...

Pokemon, to me, is LSD chess. (Keep in mind I don't recommend LSD, I've unknowingly tried it). A psychedelic playing experience.
Bishop, Pokemon one. King, Pokemon two. Pawn, Pokemon three. Queen, Pokemon four. Rook, Pokemon five. Knight, Pokemon six.

Keep in mind that the chess Catalan (playing style) and Pokemon battle system are inextricably polarised. Meaning that they do
not operate visually the same. Rather, chess (strategy) is integral. And this applies for all Real Time Strategy gaming.

RTS (Real-time Strategy) games as a genre has developed a lot since C&C, Sonic, Metroid and The Legend Of Zelda in the 80s / 90s.
I'm 30 years old this month, so my gameplay timespan is horribly limited. The game of life - nerds like us who live on the net
don't have a life besides (I got somebody) and you get what I mean: gaming is experience. Life is experience, hence the reason I
got out there and travelled Europe while I could in the nineties to noughtie-1s. But now, I've retired from all that. Family in
holiday mode is as much as I can manage nowadays. But how does this all tie in with the Pokemon franchise?

Well. In Pokemon, the original parochial (naturalised) structure was to travel the islands including Kanto, Johto, Alola (this
generation, VII), and celebrate your successes as champion of the game, islands, and whatever. That, however (for I at least)
has never been the appeal of Pokemon.

The appeal, dear reader, is in the animalistic care of Pokemon! Keeping pets, catching them wild, raising them, being there, and
letting them bask in the glory of being wanted. As a before teenager the first wave of the Pokemon franchise (I was 10 years old)
the meeting of natural and the synthetic in gaming for creatures to call friends (at least virtually) was a real breath of fresh
air. So much of the nineties generation I grew up in revolved around fast-paced action, shoot-em-ups, novelty gaming, and etc,
that the true slow-paced builder strategies were getting lost on my generation. Pokemon really busted the seal on all that. And
with anime-illustrated magic trading cards; one of the accompanying ways to keep this thing going, all manna of mannas broke out.

Reading more (SPOILER ALERT ON POKEMON SUN AND MOON INSIDER INFO) information included below.

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  Music Your Parents Listen(ed) To ....
Posted by: +ToRMeNT+ - 7th March 2018, 01:19 - Replies (3)

Anything specific?   

What music did your parents listen to?  Or still listen too?   Chin

My mother hasn't been an avid music fan per se.   Growing up she didn't have a record / cassette collection at all. I do recall her stating that she was a Doors fan in her youth, and.. she saw Tina Turner live on a whim back in the day.  She said she liked Guns'n'Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" when that was a thing.   She HATES most cliched, country music fluff tho.  She likes Pavarotti & admires opera singers. hmm...  She might hum along to random Christian jams. She's not a prude, but was raised going to church. She might like some ass kickin, soul / gospel music tho, for the party factor. heh.   For somebody who grew up in the 1960's into adulthood into the 70's, she finds vintage music a bit funny, or comical considering a lot of it she was forced to listen to, or stuck in front of the tv as a child when she would visit her grandparents, lol.  Old time country music, 1950's / 60's pop music and such is quite humorous for her.  It is hard to gauge what Momsie would put on a mix tape. These days, she watches The Voice tho, and maybe the odd American Idol... but once again, nothing too specific. 

As an aside, my mother got annoyed when I played the De La Soul "Say No Go" 12" over and over again, and UK Subs that I remember. Skinny Puppy freaked her out as my brother & I would watch the Skinny Puppy live VHS tape quite a bit. ha.  

I wasn't raised with my dad, but I do assume he was into the standard rock, classic rock, and even country music in his youth. My father was a bit younger than my mother. My only specific musical memory of my dad is me being.. 4 yrs old, sitting on the opposite passenger side in a truck alone with him, and he was FURIOUSLY lip syncing to The Archies "Sugar Sugar" while I stared at him.  I was honestly thinking '... wtf???"  LOL. No joke.   I thought he was retarded.  Lol True story.  I do recall at that young of age, I had already formulated that The Eagles were horribly depressing from spending time with my dad lol.  


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  New Stuff from Cycom??
Posted by: firefinga - 7th March 2018, 00:00 - Replies (3)

From Dysfunk Music's bandcamp-page:

Look forward to coming up releases by Acid_Lab, Cycom, Fushara or Scale! 


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  OUT NOW: K-CHAOS - RULE OF THE NULL EP [OA136] (Onset Audio)
Posted by: kaos - 3rd March 2018, 15:13 - Replies (1)

New EP is out on Onset Audio ! Smile

1. Rule Of The Null
2.  Peak
3.  Untitled Tie
4.  Rise Of Paradise
5.  Utorak

[Image: 609ef649-23c8-4156-972d-1bc51717fd01.jpg]

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  Various Artists - Illuminate: A Benefit Compilation Album(Onset Audio & Din Is Noise)
Posted by: kaos - 3rd March 2018, 14:55 - No Replies

Onset Audio is proud to announce a new compilation in conjunction with Beirut-based label Din Is Noise. Illuminate: A Benefit Compilation is a 14 track LP featuring some of the most exciting names in alternative drum & bass, bass music and ambient. All proceeds will go to Puerto Rico disaster relief via the grassroots, community-based charity Friends Of Puerto Rico.

Purchase at Bandcamp:


[Image: a3630381119_16.jpg]

Aeon Waves - The Beauty Of Silence
Alg0rh1tm - Latent Entity
Cerebral-Cuts - DO170
Cirrus - Out There
Clearlight, Owl - Leap In Space
Code 906 - Deadly Samurai Revenge
D-Struct - Valley
Dycide - Induction
GhoulCut - Ontogenesis
Hidden Tactics - Metazo
Ill_K - Soundbwoy
K-Chaos - Self Kicker
Mark Kloud - Desperate Needs
Out Of Fuel - Evidence

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Star Hustled Soul - Lurkers LP (2003 Unreleased)
Posted by: Muttley - 2nd March 2018, 20:10 - Replies (8)

Dear all
Ive been cleaning house and came across this - a sequence of ambient variations I had softened myself to at the age of 15. Who wants to hear ?
Did you get 15 year old idm producers at the turn of the millenium? Why certainly, 15 years ago I was one of the many who invested in a dv247 desktop made of ordered spares. 
Once I'd built my PC at 15, after gravitating from my parents Time computer downstairs for edits, i quickly learned Cubase SX3 and this, a 52 minute loopy collection, was the first album I ever finished under any name - Hustled Soul was the first name I put on a project, while "Lurkers" was the first ever vignette (2min 4s) that I finished, the first week I had set my gear up and got chance to work on something else than my Gcses! 
Let me know if you'r at least interested. If so I'll try and get a Zip uploaded in my Dropbox folder. X

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  Ornette Hawkins "The Other Side Of What" EP
Posted by: Dinsdale - 28th February 2018, 21:09 - Replies (2)
Awesome EP!  If you remember the Jazz Police tune from the Subtle Audio: Decade of Breakbeat, then you know what to expect.

Also interesting interview with them:

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  Anyone has troubles with using soundcloud?
Posted by: Dinsdale - 27th February 2018, 18:09 - Replies (5)

Maybe it's because of my old operation system in my laptop (Windows Vista Smile ) but Soundcloud seems to be down. I cannot play any tracks from Soundcloud - I can open artist/label site, but there are no tracks available to listen (despite the box at the right side of the window shows number of available tracks on artist/label site).  Funny thing that embedded tracks on forums/sites play well.
I've had other issues with SC recently, like crashing browser (Mozilla Firefox) when I was trying to skip few seconds within the track, but this could be caused by outdated browser/flash player etc. Now I cannot play anything Fauxpas

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  Phlorid - Waxplorations 002 [kung-fu breaks / darker late 90's jungle]
Posted by: Phlorid - 25th February 2018, 22:59 - Replies (1)

Well, it was a long time since I've been here, but recently I've made probably my best mix in twelve years Smile

Hope you will like it! 

[Image: artworks-000304881870-s1l8fs-t500x500.jpg]

Listen + Download

01. Photek — The Fifth Column
02. Source Direct — Snake Style
03. Da Cosa Nostra — Guappo
04. Doc Scott — Drumz'95
05. Photek — Consciousness
06. Dylan — Code Breaker
07. dBridge & Maldini — Cold Fusion
08. Photek — The Bleeps Tune
09. Source Direct — Mind Viewer
10. Photek — Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
11. TeeBee — Daywalker
12. Goldie — Jah [Peshay Remix]
13. Klute & Tertius — One
14. Boymerang — Mind Control

Source: strictly vinyl
Recorded live in one take @ All4DJ Studio

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Posted by: Euphony - 25th February 2018, 11:18 - Replies (9)

Greetings fair people Smile

I thought I would let everyone on here know that Omni Music have some limited edition T-Shirts and Hoodies available to buy if anyone wants one. This was due to popular demand Smile

All details and where to order are here:

Any profits (very unlikely though as they're priced practically the same cost as the production cost) goes to funding the next Omni Vinyl release, so each 20p I earn goes to a good cause Teef

All the best to you all Grin


Chris Eschaton

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