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  Blah Blah Blah
Posted by: C4 - 15th November 2002, 15:55 - Replies (12)

You lot are damn Ugly!! Only jokin, just saw this today. Fair play.

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  Champions' League 2nd phase Groups
Posted by: Neptune - 15th November 2002, 15:03 - Replies (12)

Here are the groups for the Champions' League 2nd phase:

Inter Milan
Bayer Leverkusen
Newcastle United


Real Madrid
AC Milan
Borussia Dortmund
Lokomotiv Moscow

Manchester United
Deportivo La Coruna

I reckon we (Arsenal) got the toughest group.

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  Check this out.......
Posted by: Exxon - 15th November 2002, 11:57 - Replies (2)

i found this site through a link from somewhere

Im not sure if a link has bee put up for this site before but there is some american political strangeness in the article about forced innoculations


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  Meltdown remix
Posted by: senses - 15th November 2002, 11:41 - Replies (4)

when is the paradox remix due out?

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  Footie Fans
Posted by: Altered Ego - 15th November 2002, 00:40 - Replies (23)

As i am ruler of all and king of the universe i have on my persons tickets for a certain football game this saturday featuring my supported team.

The team they are up against i particularly dislike and i will be throwing abuse and possibly heavy items at the opposing players.

The question is how many players and why ??

Correct answers get a programme if i can be arsed to pay £50 for 1

Twisted Twisted Twisted

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  i'm rather looking forward to beatjam
Posted by: Formula Inc. - 14th November 2002, 22:48 - Replies (20)

a) i get to meet the streetbeats massive
b) quiff and paul representing oxford
c) fracas and neppas
d) mr smith
e) it's on my pay day

which is nice

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  Anyone like bodypopping?
Posted by: bobule - 14th November 2002, 17:04 - Replies (1)

mad shit - check the last guy (in orange top)

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Posted by: _cform - 14th November 2002, 14:13 - Replies (2)

somehow, following links from the bbc i found myself reading parameter magazine, an american military journal with an influential readership...

i found an interesting story, regarding the future uses of large national armies in a world where the national enemies aren't nation states. its all over the news about how various countries have been forced to front up to the realities of the world they have created. and that armies can no longer be maintained as the massive confrontational forces they are. what i found in an article about the french army was quite impressive. and from an alternative thought point of view, it led me to believe that possibly there is a place for the military afterall.

the article noted the 2 doctrines that are to become official french army policy from 2006. after a reforming and downsizing of its army.

• The Mastery of Violence: To prevent, contain, and strictly control the escalation of violence in a manner that includes from the very beginning of the operation a totality of political, diplomatic, humanitarian, and media actions.

• Coercion by Means of Force: To impose the national or international will by the engagement, in a reversible manner, of forces best suited to compel the designated adversary to renounce his objectives.

this marks a massive change in military thinking. to have as a core doctrine, the prevention of escalation of violence, through means that are based on humanitarian and diplomatic means.

the outcome of this can already be seen in the way that france is treating the current iraq issue. it is favouring a non confrontational approach, and the maintanance of a dialogue.

this is opposed to the current almost cold war era approach from the united states, of do as i say or else.

the american approach will yield quick results, but the long term gains are shaded and unplanned. it certainly won't make friends... it will instead, polarise a region that has seen too much violence already. the possibility of more osama bin ladens turning up in the future is very real.

whereas the french model of engagement would use military power as a absolute last resort. the only way to stop the possible side effects of a war, is to not fight it in the first place. and to treat the adversary, where possible, with respect.

while it is very easy to read too much into this, as france posesses a powerful modern killing machine- and has repeatedly demonstrated the will to use it. having at its core, a respect for humanity and the prevention of violence, is a bold step. and hopefully one that catches on.

but hey... i live in a country that has no national enemies- and maintains an army for peacekeeping only... so maybe our model would be better suited as a global model.

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  Recommend me some fugazi
Posted by: bobule - 14th November 2002, 13:48 - Replies (20)

i have leeched

red medicine
the argument
in on the kill taker

anything i should be lookng out for?

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  For Scopes Eyes Only
Posted by: strike - 14th November 2002, 13:21 - Replies (2)

ez pal,

what are your plans for the weekend???

let me know, my phone is werking again by the way...bohhhh

the only plan i have is to listen to the arsenal vs spurs game, other than that nowt>>>>

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