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Posted by: Altered Ego - 6th November 2002, 22:41 - Replies (5)

I have just received reports about explosives being used in the Crowthorne area during yesterday evening. My reports tell me that a group of males were seen using the explosives in a small grassy area.

One eye witness remembers seeing a small man about 5'10 running frantically away from one of the "explosives" having lit it incorrectly.

I will bring you more once i have further details !!


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  ATTN .... Strike !!
Posted by: Altered Ego - 6th November 2002, 14:26 - Replies (6)

Stop bullying me into drinking alcohol .......... !!

Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek

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  You can help Streetbeats..HELP!
Posted by: Blue - 6th November 2002, 13:55 - Replies (16)

Hi fellow Subverts.

It seems that its still hard to find Streetbeats/Pi/Noir tunes in various stores throughout the world. You can really really help us by:-

1 > Urging your local stores that dont stock our material to do so.


2 > If you find such stores can you please put their address/email/phone nos etc on this thread so we can push our stuff over to them.

This would be massively appreciated by all of us @Streetbeats


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  Worst Group ever formed!!
Posted by: INITIAL - 6th November 2002, 13:01 - Replies (8)

Well.......who would top your list in the worst (made up) group ever formed?

Would have to have Phil Collins in there somewhere!!!

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  FAO Scope
Posted by: EMTEK - 6th November 2002, 12:37 - Replies (1)

Helolo mate

Have played down at Pace before? As Im pretty sure ive heared you on the decks a few times?

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  Non brits adopting UK grammer
Posted by: EMTEK - 6th November 2002, 11:57 - Replies (18)

Ive noticed this on DOA before, i spose it was bound to happen. I just think its weired when get pople on there from america new zeland or whatever and they call u "bruv". Bruv in souhtern england is short for bruvver which is a typical example of lazy speach from english poeple. Same thing, as we brits tend to drop the letter "H" from a lot of things, we we say 'ave it! I wasant aware that americans and the like did this. That 1992 geezer has got "Ardcore" is his sig, i was trying to imagine americans not pronouncing H's, almost made me laugh. Same with that "busted teef" business, brits substituting a th for a f, whcih also wasant ware anyone else did. I know this all a complete load of bollox but i just thought id get it off my chest

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  RIP Antonio Margheriti
Posted by: Unsane - 6th November 2002, 11:28 - Replies (3)

Prolific Italian film director Antonio Margheriti, who sometimes used the name Anthony M. Dawson and who specialized in making science fiction, horror and adventure movies, has died. He was 72.

Margheriti died Monday of a heart attack in Monterosi, near Rome, said the town's parish priest, the Rev. Leonardo Sterpa.

Born in Rome on Sept. 19, 1930, Margheriti started his film career in the 1960s, directing science fiction films such "Space Men," and "The Battle of the Worlds."

He later moved into the horror genre, with "The Virgin of Nuremberg," which was released in 1965 in the United States with the title "Horror Castle" and carrying the name Dawson as its director.

It was common at the time for Italian directors and actors to use more American-sounding names than their own to try to broaden their appeal.

In a career that spanned four decades and more than 50 films, Margheriti's work was often filled with blood and gore.

In one such movie, the 1980 "Cannibal Apocalypse," two Vietnam war veterans bring home a contagious virus that turns people into cannibals when bitten. With John Saxon

Margheriti also made some lower-budget imitations of Hollywood blockbusters, such as "Killer Fish,"(with Lee Majors) in 1979 and "Hunters of the Golden Cobra," in 1982. Their themes were similar to Steven Spielberg (news)'s "Jaws," and "Raiders of the Lost Ark," respectively.,+Antonio

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Posted by: bobule - 6th November 2002, 02:11 - Replies (10)

Righty dokey matey blokey flappy-old-salty seadog amigo

This looks fun Smile


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  Attention... Grizzly
Posted by: Statto - 5th November 2002, 19:29 - Replies (6)

rareform vs spirit — spinechilla


a £1 bargain


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  LOW Playing in the UK in 2003!
Posted by: Unsane - 5th November 2002, 11:32 - Replies (2)

LOW Newcastle University Newcastle THU 06/02/2003 19:30

LOW Manchester University Manchester FRI 07/02/2003 19:30

LOW Academy 2 Birmingham MON 10/02/2003 19:30

LOW The Bristol Academy Bristol TUE 11/02/2003 19:30

I hope they will add a London date.

Be there or be square!

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