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  George Monbiot - Captive State
Posted by: subvert - 26th October 2002, 10:52 - Replies (5)

Fantastic book - its a devastating edictment of the corruption to which our political leaders have succumbed.....

probably far more interesting to uk peeps, as its focused on UK corporations and government, but does make parallels elsewhere.......

be aware [Image: zx11shocked.gif]

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  Fave Film of the Moment.
Posted by: strike - 26th October 2002, 10:14 - Replies (12)

Last night i watched The Firm....classic british hooly film with Gary Oldman...loads of Suits drinking Harp and kicking off.

Reet Boh

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  Your Fave NOIR Release?
Posted by: strike - 26th October 2002, 09:23 - Replies (24)

my faves are NOIR 008 Firebreak and the forthcomeing NOIR 009 Animal/wretched. Some top flight breakage a gwarn.

[Image: doctor.gif]

[Image: animal%20collage.gif]

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  Late Night Poker Kru
Posted by: strike - 26th October 2002, 00:44 - Replies (15)

tuil 'sugar'teddy and jin cai lin are my faves

Wheres the devilfish gone? And where the hell is Sir Clive Sinclair?

[Image: Onset.jpg]

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Posted by: DJC - 25th October 2002, 22:54 - Replies (20)

i have no thoughts at this precise moment. No- wait - i think that was one just there........oh fuck, just missed it. if anyone finds my thought, put it in an envelope and send it it me at....... oh,'s gone.....
By the way.....
dope DOESN'T fuck your memory.


by the way,

dope DOESN'T fuck you memory.

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  At last i'm here....
Posted by: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - 25th October 2002, 20:17 - Replies (22)


oh yes!!bump

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  Official Smiley Collection Topic
Posted by: subvert - 25th October 2002, 20:05 - Replies (857)

ok, just post any smileys you want uploaded here, and if they cool we'll stick em up

:d Smile Icon_sad Eek Icon_eek Baffled Cool Lol Mad Icon_razz Oops Icon_cry Icon_evil Twisted Roll Wink Icon_exclaim Icon_question Icon123 Neutral Mrgreen Shoot 321 Alien Alc Angel Arg Arg Beam Blowup Borg Rainbow Cuss Evil Crazy :cofee: Infinity Release Mona Loris Scatter :supershock :johnb :sleep Left Sniper :spiral :t2000 Tomato Burnin Vamp Falcon :drink Bigstick :bigfro :twofinger :shoot1 201tongue :ahhhhh Afro :ak Banghead :biting :blackcat :shocker :blindfold :bomber :boxedin Butthead :censored :chillpill Confused :cowboy :crazee :crowded :darkside :drill :charged :duck :eeks :emb :evilgrinb :fez FIREdevil :fish Flaming Flipa :frowner :gangster :geezer :reaper Hyper Hypno Hahaha :hulk Bncry Sharp :lame Nookie :madd :medi :wack :knockout :jamaaw Punk :mooner :momoon :mrt :bouncer :coolflip No Yes Nono :violin Icon_razzimpin Thumbd Xyxthumbs Sad2 :shrug Chin :shhh :smasher Smiley7 :spark :smooth :footy Sonar Starwars Jawdrop :hurl :glazed :bang :slash :uzi Veryevil Onefinger :burn Wave Nervous :vflip :yawn :shitme :zombie :shocks :willy Whodeany Boobies :bustedthumb Bogroll :tectonic Crucified Flameth Frog Banana :ranton :wiggum Apu Smilie24sim Esb Spank Spider Chewie :termibart :bart1 Smilie03sim Lisa Smilie05sim :margewink Smilie08sim Barney Smilie11sim Brockman :simp1 Moe :milhouse Smilie18sim Nelson Ralph Smithers Smilie22sim Barneyb Skinner Face Xrayhomer Cakehomer Lisasax Leggit Simpson04 Strut Xerx4 Ymca


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  big peg
Posted by: Exxon - 25th October 2002, 18:57 - Replies (8)

I just rolled (with the help of Danielle & Shaggy) the biggest spliff ever,I am completely fucked

just thought i would share that with you all


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  Hello 5n4x0r5!!!!!!
Posted by: DJFracture - 25th October 2002, 18:42 - Replies (4)

lovin that microwave smilie!!!!

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Posted by: Blue - 25th October 2002, 16:53 - Replies (12)

come on Genki.........

one of your big ones please???!!


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