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  Pirate garage shows in London
Posted by: Blue - 8th November 2002, 15:41 - Replies (7)

Having been to London most days this week we've had the pleasure of listening to a selection of pirate radio stations in London which were almost exclusively playing Garage music. I could not believe how poor both the music was and the Mcing. Last night this guy was going off on one how he would "pulls his piece on ya" and how he wants to "fuck your big breasted girlfriend".Very menacing indeed as i believe that Garage really does represent a part of our current youth culture or yob culture as i like to look at it. Why cant people see this small minority of people for what they are instead of presenting them as both cool and fashionable.??


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  for the light recepticals of scope
Posted by: strike - 8th November 2002, 15:40 - Replies (4)

ez man

what yow doing tonacht???

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  giana brotherz croosedroots magic vinyl crew remix! tune ins
Posted by: smoking monkey - 8th November 2002, 15:39 - No Replies

heres the remix we entered the competition with!

have fun!

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Posted by: Blue - 8th November 2002, 15:35 - Replies (20)

To win the latest Noir release (Blue/ZnO>Animal/The Wretched) define in how many words you like, the meaning of Noir............

get writing Subverts............


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  Attn: DJ Fracture...
Posted by: zinga - 8th November 2002, 08:56 - Replies (11)


Have you tried the new kettle chips flavours...Blue Stilton and Port is nice (in a dark blue packet..)

but's all about these....

[Image: gcpic.jpg]


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  The Western Media
Posted by: Rival - 8th November 2002, 02:27 - Replies (3)


Living in the West we are told that the news media (television, newspapers, radio) are free. It is certainly true that there are few government conspiracies to censor. Unlike in totalitarian countries, the media is not generally state run or controlled.

However this is not the full story. Because the media is part of the global economy, there are certain properties that deny readers, viewers and listeners a balanced view of world events.

The are five reasons why a balanced view of world events is not generally received in the Western media:

Check the rest of this web site here for the reasons...

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  Humour .......
Posted by: Altered Ego - 8th November 2002, 00:02 - Replies (14)

Ok someone tell me that sarcasm ISN'T the highest form of humour !!

You can never beat a good bit ............ CAN YOU !! Twisted

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  Streetbeats 7
Posted by: Statto - 7th November 2002, 23:50 - Replies (14)

there's a promo copy of this @

but lee wants £9.99 for it + £1.75 vat + £0.33 credit card surcharge.
bollocks to that.

but it's down as donovan bad boy smith & roger johnson
please check with donovan and ask him what the tracks are called!

Wave Wave Wave

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  I'm going to the UK next fall!
Posted by: Hydraulix - 7th November 2002, 23:50 - Replies (12)


No reason for going except for just checking it out and buying some records and hitting the clubs. Anyone know of some good places that I should check out and what part of the UK has the best jungle scene. (damn I sound soo american Lol)

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  Disappereances ............
Posted by: Altered Ego - 7th November 2002, 23:45 - No Replies

I'm off on a mini road trip as of friday morning. So the board will have to go without my witty responses for a while. Fear not i shall return one day to fight valiantly for what is right.


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