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Posted by: subvert - 1st November 2002, 15:22 - Replies (13)

Just a quiet place here mate.......non public board and all.......try and keep it to the heads........enjoy your stay, sort yourself out with a GLO avatar and all, or lemme know if you want me to sort it....


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  Who is ................ ?
Posted by: Altered Ego - 1st November 2002, 14:18 - Replies (6)

Who the bloody hell is behind the alias Streetbeats Admin ???

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  Lush1 me bredbin, wilkommen!
Posted by: subvert - 1st November 2002, 13:53 - Replies (2)

Greetings sir, make yerself at home!

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  Welcome Pixil!
Posted by: subvert - 1st November 2002, 13:00 - Replies (1)

Enjoy your stay here at the Sub Central Icon_eek

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  More shit going down on DOA
Posted by: subvert - 1st November 2002, 12:41 - Replies (20)

More shit going down on DOA - I cant believe this one -

any positive replies supporting Blues / Streetbeats quality of music would be well appreciated


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  Future Beat Jams ..........
Posted by: Altered Ego - 1st November 2002, 12:30 - Replies (11)


I was just wondering who SB were planning to invite to play at future Beat Jams after the Boxing Day event ?

Personally i would love to see a few of the Full Cycle boys making an appearance especially D-Product.

Also will future events become eclectic ? will you be including Hip-hop and breaks etc ........ ?

Sorry for being nosey just intrested thats all ??

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  For the weekly lowdown...
Posted by: Statto - 1st November 2002, 12:28 - Replies (1)

...subscribe to SchNews
the weekly newsletter from Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action Collective


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  Michael Moores Message (Oct 25th 2002) - GUNS and the NRA
Posted by: subvert - 1st November 2002, 12:05 - Replies (1)

Wednesday, October 25th, 2002
Yes, It Was a Bushmaster.

Dear friends,

Yesterday, Larry Bennett, a 16-year old, was shot in the head after he was involved in a minor traffic accident. You probably didn't hear about it because, well, how could he be dead if he wasn't shot by The Sniper?

Yesterday, an unidentified woman was shot to death in her car in Fenton, MI. You probably didn't hear about it because she had the misfortune of not being shot by The Sniper.

Two nights ago, Charles D. Bennett, 48, an apartment security guard, was shot to death after confronting two teenagers in his parking lot in Memphis, TN. You probably didn't hear about it because the sniper was too busy sleeping in his car that night, and thus, poor Charles was not shot by The Sniper.

Yes, The Sniper has apparently been caught, so we can go back now to NOT reporting the DOZENS of gun deaths that occur every day, the ones that just aren't newsworthy because they happen in all those old boring ways -- unlike the ways of The Sniper, who was interesting and creative and exciting and scary! He played so much better on the news.

Of course, had Congress not caved in to the NRA we would have known after the first HOUR of the first day of the killings three weeks ago that those bullets were coming out of a rifle that belonged to John Williams/Mohammad. How would we know this? It's right there in the state records in New Jersey: this gun was purchased this past July, under the name of John Mohammad!

Many more people died needlessly in the days and weeks after that first hour of the shootings, and every one of their deaths could have probably been prevented had we had a national ballistics fingerprinting data base.

Thank you, Mr. Heston for this unnecessary carnage. Thank you, Mr. Bush, for supporting Mr. Heston and his group's agenda -- which protects only the criminals.

And thank you, Bushmaster Firearms, Inc., for providing the gun used to shoot the 13 people in the DC area. Bushmaster's president, Richard E. Dyke, was the Maine finance chairman of George W. Bush's 2000 Presidential campaign. According to Business Week, Dyke had to step down as Bush's finance chair "after reporters began quizzing him about his business dealings. Bushmaster Firearms Inc., is notorious for using loopholes to sidestep a 1994 federal ban on assault rifles." Bush and Bushmaster. Too tragically perfect.

If everyone reading this letter (and you now number in the millions) would share this fact with just one person who is thinking of skipping going to the polls on Nov. 5th, I believe that on Nov. 6th, Mr. Bush will have neither the Senate nor the House doing his or Heston's bidding. Americans don't like people who assist serial killers in being able to ratchet up their kills because The Sniper knows that his bullets are prohibited by law from being traced to his gun.

That, in a nutshell, is what the NRA is all about -- and I implore all responsible gun owners and hunters to join with me in putting an end to the NRA agenda once and for all. Don't give Bush his majority on November 5th. He's already seen to it that his cronies in big business have wiped out your 401 (K), and they are doing their best to see that you are left with no pension at all. That alone should be reason enough to NOT pull a single lever for a Republican on Nov. 5th. Send a message. Do something brave.


Michael Moore

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  People of America, the US voting system
Posted by: subvert - 1st November 2002, 12:04 - Replies (4)

So I read the first chapter of 'Stupid White Men' by Michael Moore last night.

The chapter is entitled 'A Very American Coup', and it goes on to describe the complete underhanded, illegal, and utterly immoral actions taken by W and his friends / family during the Elections, particularly of course in Florida.

I'm sure much of this is already well documented and well understood by most of you, (if not let me know and I'll try and post a few quotes up), but what I really want to know is - if I paid a visit to the States for example, and talked to people randomly regarding these issues - how many of them would be aware of what really happened. How many would be aware that Gore really did win (like him or not!) ??

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Posted by: genki - 1st November 2002, 11:40 - Replies (8)

unttainable, yes, but a good thought to start this side of the forum. Icon_exclaim

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