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  Have you ever felt insanely happy for no reason at all?
Posted by: Statto - 1st November 2002, 00:50 - Replies (13)


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  The Next Beat Jam is coming............
Posted by: subvert - 31st October 2002, 22:53 - Replies (2)

beat jam - thursday sessions
november 28th 2002
fez club reading

featuring total science, fracture & neptune, tectonic, streetbeats residents

the last night was a roaring success, a massive thanks to all who turned up and made the night what it was, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did..... Vamp Vamp Vamp Vamp Vamp

[Image: side1.jpg]

[Image: side2.jpg]

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  New Ranking System...
Posted by: subvert - 31st October 2002, 22:41 - Replies (19)

To bring it more into line with the theme of the forum.....

Special Ranks:

Almighty Zeus ----- Site Administrator
A God
Angel Of Vengeance
Currently A Rush Fan

Standard Ranks:

I Just Pop In ----- 0 posts
Down With The Cause ----- 100 to 499 posts
You Can Call Me 'A Head' ----- 500 to 999 posts
Deadly Serious ----- 1000 to 2999 posts
Subversive ----- 3000 to 4999 posts
God Like Creature ----- 5000 to 6999 posts
Demi-God ----- 7000 posts and above

Respect to mr blue for coming up with the new ranks.....

Brockman subvert away newsfans

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  A warm handshake extended to Sir Grizzly....
Posted by: strike - 31st October 2002, 20:39 - Replies (6)

welcome to the board man.

hope to see ya on da regular mate.

Falcon Alc Smilie24sim

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  Choose your own supergroup..........
Posted by: Blue - 31st October 2002, 20:23 - Replies (27)

mine would have to be............

Vocals: Guy Picciotto
Vocals: Pj Harvey
Guitar: Mark Ashworth or Jimmy Page
Guitar: Steve Albini
Bass: Geddy Lee
Drums: Todd Trainer
Sampler: Trent Reznor (plus backing vocals)
Keyboard: Herbie Hancock
Percussion: Neil Peart
Saxaphone:Ornette Coleman

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  L-RON HUBBARD appreciation thread
Posted by: scart ridge - 31st October 2002, 19:53 - Replies (9)

This thread has "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" to do with the Church of Scientology or its 45 websites

Here is a letter from the great man L-RON to his Fairlight sampler:

“Dear Sir Fairlight:
“Please have the engineer store on your floppy disc that we have now been properly introduced. I am very glad to make your acquaintance. You have very charming circuits and I am certain that we can co-vibrate to the astonishment and ecstasy of a vast audience. With all praise to your exulted frequencies, consider me your friend.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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  i've been missing out the whole time
Posted by: jake - 31st October 2002, 19:35 - Replies (9)


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  welcome welcome welcome widzhit
Posted by: strike - 31st October 2002, 18:31 - Replies (1)

nice to see you on the board mate. Falcon Smilie24sim

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  salutations to the DropBass >..welcome
Posted by: strike - 31st October 2002, 18:14 - Replies (1)

we hope you enjoy your lengthy stay with us.

Falcon Alc

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  that tune that makes your spine chill.
Posted by: strike - 31st October 2002, 18:03 - Replies (32)

at the moment there is one paticular tune that makes me feel almost sick, but in a rushy / euphoric type way.

Ultra Violet - The Belonging

Unbebloodyleivable !!!!!!!!

name yers..............

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