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Reason Rack Extensions - denaris - 25th March 2012

Plugins to the rest of us Smile

I'm quietly excited about this. I know SC is not the loving, caring sharing place for Reason but even if myself and Rondema strike up a conversation about it that's great.

Currently onboard and developing for Propellerhead are Sugarbytes, uHe, Korg, Gforce and some more. Essentially these are plugins developed for use within the rack of Reason with all the same benefits that Reason devices have. Full automation at the right-click of a button, stability, full undo history, sharing across platforms with no silly authorisation and across projects you share with other people and so on.

One of the best things is the CV input / output ability of all the rack devices just like the native devices. That opens up so much creativity.

For the first time I'm tempted to splash the cash. Xyxthumbs

Reason Rack Extensions - rondema - 25th March 2012

Hahaha I'll be back..

Reason Rack Extensions - snaper - 25th March 2012

I like the idee!
I don't like that he sad, if you use vst's you can't undo, you can undo only with Reason REs!...
...Renoise do this too! With VST's!

Anyway, a very very good idee, and as an ex-Reason user, I can say : FINALLY! Grin

Reason Rack Extensions - denaris - 17th July 2012

I bought it. I've moved from v4 up to v6.5, so I'm liking a lot of the new features and the new look of the transport. It still feels slightly "toy" like but more than anything I'm finally digging deeper into the CV cabling, combinator programming, Matrix modulating etc.

Some nice new FX and Polar - which I'm trialing - is stunning.

Money well spent at the moment.
Not even tried