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Ohm studio - Ashtonron - 27th August 2012

Anyone signed up to this

The offer for unlimited upgrades + subscription + all ohm plugins + future plugins is very tempting

Ohm studio - Ben Kei - 28th September 2012

I was on the beta test for it and honestly wasn't impressed.
I could have been good but it was so full of bugs that it crashed out pretty hard and lost everything I'd done in it every time I used it.
There was literally not 1 time using it that it was stable enough to last more than 15 minutes.

I couldn't be bothered giving it more of my time after that..

Ohm studio - denaris - 1st October 2012

Sonicstate had Ohm on their podcast. It's a great concept but doesn't sound like the stability was there early doors. I would suspect a load of bugs have been squished by now.

How does it work with plug ins if the other person hasn't got it?