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Missing samples - womagrid - 15th August 2017

Can anyone help to identify this collection of samples?  These filenames were retrieved from DAW project files from around 2004 but I am struggling to find the original AIFFs.

101 jungle bass.aiff
808 bass.aiff
Bad bass bomb.aiff
Bad man.aiff
Bass box.aiff
BC sound.aiff
Bees sound.aiff
Blow pipe bass.aiff
Bounce bass.aiff
Chopper sound.aiff
Clean pitch bass.aiff
Criminal bass.aiff
depth bass.aiff
Devil bass.aiff
Dirt bass.aiff
Dist bass.aiff
Engine bass.aiff
Forge sound.aiff
Harmonic wisk bass.aiff
Jungle bass 2.aiff
Jungle bass.aiff
Killer lead bass.aiff
Korg bass.aiff
Long bow.aiff
Long dist.aiff
Low sub.aiff
Mash up bass.aiff
Menace 1.aiff
Micro basser.aiff
moto bass.aiff
Org bass.aiff
psp bass.aiff
Real warp bass.aiff
stompers bass.aiff
Strange wave bass.aiff
Super sub.aiff
terror bass.aiff
twisted bass.aiff
Twisted bass style.aiff
twist em bass.aiff
two spike bass.aiff
Upper Bass.aiff
White bass.aiff
wild bass.aiff

RE: Missing samples - Statto - 22nd August 2017

apparently not


RE: Missing samples - Muttley - 14th October 2017

Bad Company UK - Planet Dust.