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World Cup 2018 - firefinga - 12th June 2018

This year is the first time I don't feel like watching much, possibly nothing of the World Cup. FIFA is so corrupt. And then there's Putin. And the latest Euro wasn't a hotbed of good football either.

RE: World Cup 2018 - Statto - 12th June 2018

I guess I'll watch until England get knocked out


RE: World Cup 2018 - Spectraz - 12th June 2018

My amateur bet is that Germany wins against Brazil in the final.

RE: World Cup 2018 - firefinga - 13th June 2018

Brilliant move by the Spanish Football Association - sacking the team coach a couple of days before the tournament. Now THAT will boost their chances immensly

RE: World Cup 2018 - widzhit - 18th June 2018


RE: World Cup 2018 - DJ ML - 18th June 2018

I think (hope) that England will have a good tournament.

QF would be a great achievement. Xyxthumbs

I have drawn England in my office sweep-stake!

RE: World Cup 2018 - Muttley - 18th June 2018

Well that was good Grin

RE: World Cup 2018 - Spectraz - 19th June 2018

I thought that the English squad looked quite decent, and may be on their way towards the quarter-, or even semifinals.