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Chess on the BBC - Muttley - 8th October 2019

This was refreshing last night (Monday 7th October 2019, 19:30ish PM). It was some kind of One Show program link, but much more interesting than that saccharine entertainment show usually is, which I can rarely watch as a result due to overexposure. I like the doggies and Springwatch type stuff they report on, but the rest I can do without, too bland.

Evidently, about gifted Chinese/Japanese mathematical geniuses, one only aged 11, playing up to 8 different games of chess at once, against Grandmaster (teachers).

Yeah, eventually 11 year old kid lost to the Grandmaster for the first time, when it should have been a drawn position, but he did incredibly well.

Some of my very close friends (and that is hard for me) talk about the theoretical implications of the brain "not learning anything new after 25 years of age", as in another way to say "not developing any new brain cells", that is to say "degenerating in size until cordial dementia and Alzheimers overtakes us all later in life". Whatever. The point is that it's so good to see such a variety of old school style subjects being brought back into the fold of curriculum education.

Wouldn't it be nice to see chess taught in Maths classes as an impromptu random type treat/chore?
I think a lot of kids would enjoy it, since the reason I still collect Pokémon battle cards is because the Catalan is threaded through the entire cards/Poker/boardgame synaptic.

Just a few thoughts.

RE: Chess on the BBC - Statto - 8th October 2019

Yes, national chess organizations mostly try to promote chess in schools for its general educational value. That it helps develop logical thinking and suchlike.

What programme was the chess on btw? I just checked the One Show on iPlayer and couldn't find anything Baffled

RE: Chess on the BBC - Muttley - 9th October 2019

Must not have been that. I'm sorry.
All the same, the idea is interesting. Poker more than Poke®mon got to be so popular because large wads of cash are involved. Pokemon or pocket monster card game took the reins of Pog and Tamagotchi, applying the turn based format of chess to collectaholic natures for graphic design and mathematical formulas.
It's easy to see the appeal. The trouble is that knowing when to rest and wash is good enough. Hahaha