today, I...


Mutley is really on his last legs now. Had 3 fits last night, we thought he was going to pass away. He's better this afternoon, having walked out the garden in the morning, but his legs need a lot of support and guidance. Hope he lasts another week at least.

- Cooked food optimised King Prawn Dopiaza with my Dad, syns 20 today, not bad...
- Wrote Will in digital format in case something happens soon
- Slept a lot through depression about Mutley and general meds drowsiness
- Listened to Flava D recommendation from Stattzi and Lee Gamble's track on The Wire site.

- Noted SV Stop 98: Living Free And Fearlessly & 168: FTEL Catchup were re-viewed in the evening.

Today's horoscope

If things feel a little bumpy today, don't take it too much to heart. Just reach out with affection. Or, spend the day alone if you need it.

Rating: 3/5 - Intensity: 69 - Keywords: protect, fees and taxes - Mood: You feel paying for services


Thanks mate Hugs He's actually been a lot better since the morning, and has been out the garden without needing aid some of the time. Will probably end up deteriorating in the next day again though, I just hope he'll be okay while my sis looks after him tomorrow.

He seems relatively back to normal, touchwood, since then. Me and my parents went out to a local pig roast party yesterday evening which I really enjoyed and he was reportedly fine. He's been walking round the garden a lot this morning (I woke up early as I didn't take my meds because we were drunk) and he's trotting around like a good 'un. Smile


Beta Blocker Thur 4th
Balloon Ascents Fri 5th

- Researched gigs to go to from Nightshift 230 in September -
- Copied the Nightshift review into the 'Derelict Career' LP forum threads
- Read all the promoter blurbs in the main story in Nightshift 230, enjoyed it
- Listened to Aya - 'Nobody Knows Me' - can't get enough of her voice
- Accepted firefinga's friend request on SC
- Drank copious amounts of coffee to stay awake after morning meds
- Watched Deal Or No Deal's contestant win £16,000 but miss a £60,000 offer in a very precarious game
- Upgraded MuttleySV 3 Command And Conquer base to LV 21; waiting a level to add another Orca to the army
- Transferred purchased synths library to X7 to transfer to Asus for live work

To do:

- Rearrange where necessary, without discounting links published
- Write another review for Organic / The Wire chronology

Today's horoscope

Following your whims isn't a good idea today. Instead, use common sense in all you do. Work through your tasks quietly and efficiently.

Rating: 2/5- Intensity: 87 - Keywords: on the drawing board, smallest amount - Mood: You feel insisting

26.08.14 - Today's horoscope

Daydreaming will overlap your active life for a day or so. No one else sees these projections or illusions.
Involve them at your peril.

Rating: 2/5 - Intensity: 87 - Keywords: grasp the reality, permission - Mood: You feel ruminating

- Watched Bat For Lashes Q&A again and "Daniel Live On Jools Holland" video.
- Listened to Head Boggle on Experimedia and wrote the Fluid 121 review.
- Watched over Mutley who seems pretty good today while parents relaxed.
- Thought the 50mg Chlorpromazine tablets were more potent than my 100mg night dose, weird.
- Upgraded C&C:TA base 3 Command Centre to LV 22 and added another Orca to army. Rank: 1928 World.
- Transferred Braindance Live Session .als to Advent workstation for a Novation live performance to my parents tonight.
- Won a point on Dumbass Record Collection Quiz with Hawkwind, taking my total to 19 and still in third place.

FR 121: Head Boggle - Serge Modular In Hi Fi (Experimedia)

Pithy crackle and feedback opens obscure Experimedia artist Head Boggle's aptly titled "Serge Modular In Hi Fi" LP, a
characteristic that occupies the record's heart. The sounds are contained in a buzzing triptych that billows
outward like smoke from a log fire. On "'68 News", bleeps and musique concrete conspires in the ambient category via
a slow speed. The resonances are cause and effect, being more blip than bustle, further background stimulant than
active harmonic agent.

It takes time to fully get your head round. But conclusively, there is nothing really constructive in
criticising this music - it's as if it exists from machines and not emotions. Seemingly the output of
a barren Clangers soundtrack, the creatures nosing the edge of their world and hiding down holes
only to record the resulting frequencies. As a result it sounds alien. "'59 Rhapsody" has noise that
malfunctions like a half-connected headphone. This ear for discordant dissonance and under-structured
composition becomes dualistic with the notes played. Ultimately it's unadulterated sound, left to grow in
its own way like an unautomated organism.

Much of the absence of groove acts as a counterbalance for improvised spectrums. Indeed the closest comparative
is Rashad Becker's recent "Traditional Music Of Notional Species". Like that album, the focus is on harsh texture,
massaged together with electronic bloops; a synth being doused with liquid while plugged in. The difference is Becker
worked his sounds in programming while Head Boggle works in live mode. Derek Gedalecia, the mind behind this
affluent display, worked "Serge Modular In Hi Fi" on a pre-STS synthesiser of the same name, with "an intention to
achieve pseudo 3D 'cubed' sound through discrete recording and mixing techniques".In culmination of wanting to
immerse oneself in the LP, the head, for certain, is boggled by unfamiliarity and bemusement.

27.08.14 - Today's horoscope

Analysis goes only so far. Elusive things and non-things keep you wondering for a few days. Loved ones will offer the ideal reality check.

Rating: 2/5 Intensity: 87 - Keywords: accept, question the value - Mood: You feel tracking your movements

- Looked on West Oxfordshire District Council site for available properties and found out you need to register as I
thought. Had no luck with estate agents. Happy splitting my time between places but would be nice to find somewhere.
- Had 18 syns, quite good. Chicken skin, 3 glasses wine at parents, 2 brunch bars.
- Performed a semi-recorded, semi-improvised set to my parents for the first time on their speakers I bought them. It
went well, but the solo piano piece wasn't cutting it personally. I need to make some backing tracks or add looping.
- Upgraded MuttleySV 1's Command Centre to Level 24 on Command And Conquer: Tiberium Alliances and added an Orca.
- Feeling much better on the lower dose of Chlorpromazine in the evening, it means I wake up earlier.
- iPlayer-ed Natasha Khan and several other people I like as personalities on BBC 4's Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill doc
- Read Reinhold Friedl's excellent letter to The Wire in #367. Just shows how even versed musicians can be wrong.
- Added SV Firefinga on Facebook and wondered if her 'SV' was an adaptation or invitation to be part of SubVersion? Smile
- Not meeting my link worker this week.
- Enjoyed a prawn cocktail, chicken, salad and Riveta lunch, thanks Mum! Hugs

Muttley Wrote:27.08.14 - Today's horoscope

- Added SV Firefinga on Facebook and wondered if her 'SV' was an adaptation or invitation to be part of SubVersion? Smile

Both actually!
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Okay then, PM me your working email address and I'll send you an invite for the authorship. Grin

28.08.14 - Today's horoscope

Pay extra attention to your sweetie or best friend today. Check in with a teammate or business partner.
Someone may need appreciation.

Rating: 3/5 - Intensity: 69 - Keywords: pleaser, lonely - Mood: You feel thrifty

telecult powers review*

FR 122: Telecult Powers - Black Meditations (Experimedia)

Experimedia continue their quest into occult fantasia with Telecult Powers. It's occult because several vocal samples in this style are embedded into the narrative. It succeeds as a work of trying tempestuousness. That's since the music is not an easy listen. It takes time to burrow into your amygdala. The emotional clusterfuck of "Incident At El Yunque" teases with queasy hiccups of bass and treble. It's a speaker system stripped of its midrange. The story of the source material is unclear from the press release. But what it most reminds this reviewer of is atmospherics from the dark side of jungle duo Source Direct. "I am in a position to know secret information / You must have faith and power, secret power / Mankind's champions" is a sampledelia dissimilar with their "Call And Response". It's as much an oddity as it is a lure.

This mood of intrigued alienation continues throughout the record. "Clairvoyeurance" can be seen to entangling its theme in a mixed metaphor. That sense of ambiguity and unease pervades throughout with a seething, metallic electro-drone. As musical material it's not without its contextual flaws. Namely: so much music of the Eliane Radigue variety has centred itself on powerful noises. However this undervalues the chronology of the LP's tracks as working as a singular entity. Highlight "Oerg & The Mothership" adapts a shuffling pulse that soaks up moisture like linen in a washing machine. Noise has never sounded this permeating, unconscious or not.

As the epoch of "Black Meditations" seems to lie in an obscured semblance between what works and what doesn't. The sounds grip you and all the while push you away in a sea of transistor radio interference. "Let us begin by making the sign of the pyramid" on "Take A Sip From Our Devil's Cup" shapes well the angle of the soundscapes. They're perilous, stepping over quicksand. They eschew pretty much everything inside popular music. "You are now transcending time / You are becoming immortal". Quite perhaps, but that indecision of touch keeps you wondering.

As a collection of tracks "Black Meditations" is a firmly black and white listen. It will appeal to its niche, driven by its label. It acts as a divergence from generic harmony, both in activity when listening and musical solution. The noises are sometimes soothing, regularly opaque, and full of temporal gesture. Choirs at the end of "A Wish For Quisch" differentiate the palette. These moments are welcome cornucopian idealism when the aim seems to go back to black.

Words: 415

Mick Buckingham

derek walmsley praise*
c&c - upgraded second base to LV 20*
novation programming patches - up to INIT 80*
social worker tablets notification*
nap club article*
jon wire reviews reply*
nightshift demo sent in - vena amoris ep*
swedish friend reply*
read through today, I... thread for anything removable*
carl rogers wikipedia*

Saw this lineup:

yush!!! up for rupture vibrations.

29.08.14 - Today's Horoscope

You need approval today, but maybe it's better to be honest with others. Stop worrying about what the other person might think of you.

Rating: 3/5 - Intensity: 69 - Keywords: discontented, cant say no - Mood: You feel youthful

To do next few days

live set run through
organic linkup
carl rogers wikipedia
mary lattimore fluid radio 123 review

Notices last 3 days

SV Stop 204: We Lived In A Garden's Heart re-viewed today
Mum said "it's a shame it's not a moot point" about my belief that my past life as Carl Rogers had her (Khan) as a girlfriend
Also said "She must think I'm weird too for all the time she's put up with me" in response to "Natasha thinks I'm weird anyway".

Feeling better having cut out the morning's dose of med's today. Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow. There's chance of relapse.
But 1 morning on 1 morning off can't hurt. Smile

And the special someone, whoever they are kindly upgraded my weakest base's Command Centre to LV 23 for me. Thank you Kisskiss

30.08.14 - Today's horoscope

You feel deeply serene today, connected with the world at a level that's hard to explain.
Your compassion and intuition are heightened.

Rating: 5/5 - Intensity: 63 - Keywords: roundabout, sinuous - Mood: You feel unusual

Ran through the live set, was approx 30 minutes when tweaked. Went well overall, some bits I'll use for the "Troubled Perceptions" LP
Plate of pilau rice for lunch.
Picked some raspberries and green beans out garden.
Watched over Mutley while Mum went to get shopping.
Bought Apalusa - Ghost Notes on digital from Bandcamp.
Retweeted some good stuff, including the 'nails that turn a different colour when exposed to date rape drugs' news.
Listened to fydhws' latest: The Sound (Four Movements In The Key Of D), tracks 3 and 4 are particularly powerful -
Napped at 4PM.
Set a new desktop background of dunes in South America from Daniel at Fluid Radio's trip with his wife and children.
Ranked 1883 World on Command And Conquer: Tiberium Alliances now.
Cheese on toast, gurkin and wine for dinner post-Chicken Arrabbiata meal. Syns for day: 14.

31.08.14 - Today's horoscope

Your closest relationships bring you great pleasure today. You're in a deeply affectionate mood, aware of the ways you rely on your friends.

Rating: 5/5
Intensity: 63
Keywords: impenetrable, labyrinthine
Mood: You feel great

- Got distressed when someone ranted at me.
- Debated with Stattzi about date rape drugs
- Watched over Mutley; he's losing his legs more now
- Played an electric piano, soft pad and percussion piece as ad music on keyboard, taking into account "lower notes" critique in Nightshift. Accidentally deleted the piano track when playing to my parents at lunch. They said "quite pleasant / nice".
- "Children" and "We Lived In A Garden's Heart" posts on SubVersion re-viewed by someone.


8: 2 small glasses red wine


01.09.14 - Today's Horoscope

Your imagination is in overdrive today. This is perfect for brainstorming a creative project. But don't get attached to any one idea yet.

Rating: 1/5 - Intensity: 84 - Keywords: weird, indifferent - Mood: You feel desperate

Well, I'm not the one who feels desperate. Smile

freelancr organic job add to resume
shower at 10am
new live set
another angry voice fb
apple fish sticks coffee fryup breakfast and lunch
mary lattimore listening and some notes
carlos castenada reading
promoted to Sergeant Major on Command And Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, all bases now over Level 20, ranked 1864 World

02.09.14 - Today's horoscope

Enthusiasm makes life enjoyable today, but it could get overwhelming. Treat it like a roller coaster ride or a big wave: Go with the flow.

Rating: 1/5 - Intensity: 84 - Keywords: peculiar, singular - Mood: You feel unfriendly

word of the day: interfuse
Bought Noveller & Thisquietarmy - Reveries LP, Peter Broderick & Gabriel Saloman LP. Downloaded Christopher Willits -
Opening LP from Ghostly Drip, really looking forward to that as "Ocean Fire" with Ryuichi Sakamoto remains one of my favourite ambient CDs.
fish sticks coffee apples for breakfast and lunch, treating parents to a special kebab for dinner. yum Smile
Listening to Tiny Leaves on SoundCloud:
'Liked' Bat Lovers: The International Bat For Lashes Community on Facebuke
Went for a 40 minute walk round the Carterton neighbourhood, seeing my sister's girlfriend as I went.
Took some photos of said neighbourhood
Upgraded Defense HQ to LV 23 in one of my C&C: TA bases, ranked 1852

The King Prawn & Chicken Dopiaza curry I cooked last night was the tastiest curry I've ever cooked, or helped to cook myself. I did the whole thing this time, and it was magnificent. Grin

FR 123: Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler - Slant Of Light (Thrill Jockey)

Harpist Mary Lattimore justly received praise for her last solo LP, "The Withdrawing Room". On that album, the harp was a vehicle winding through electroacoustic lanes. With Jeff Zeigler on production of "Slant Of Light" for Thrill Jockey, peaceful passages of harp intertwine with bass resonances and step sequences that tread lightly, stop for a few seconds occasionally, but always feel propulsive to reaching the end of the piece. It's her best joint statement in a year.

Opener "Welsh Corgis In The Snow" has a certain royal grace about it, locked in the key of C and pricking up your ears with synthesiser peering over the shoulder of the harp. There is a tendency to repeat, look back and recoup momentum as the track edges on. It never sounds short on ideas yet the palette is very restricted, making it quite enigmatic. "The White Balloon" inflates guitar arpeggios with sprinklings of Lattimore's harp, which touches the surface of the former's strings and drizzles down with accompanying synthesiser like a window pane gradually amassing rain droplets.

The deceptively conservative nature of the playing actually heightens the experience. This is because chords are given time to settle, tonality place to intermingle, and rhythm room to pedal. The cyclical structures of "Echo Sounder", with a static synthesiser drone starting the piece out, soon fuses fluttering fauna of harp and a higher sustain on the drone to create an angelic echo on your nervous system. For me it's the highlight tune, sounding not a million miles away from Leafcutter John's instrumental section of "The Forest And The Sea" concept record. Or perhaps Rameses III's "I Could Not Love You More" is closer. As a whole "Slant Of Light" is a welcome opening of the curtains in the morning, rather than a curtain call on experimentalism. Decorated by permeable washes, like a sprinkler spraying out pink paint, the skin of the release remains texturally fleshed-out in all the right ways.

Words: 325

Mick Buckingham


Wrote mary lattimore review for fluid, sent to dan and derek
fish sticks apple cereal bar mango and tomato salmon and pilau rice breakfast and lunch
went out to open greenhouse at parents', get washing in
liked some natasha khan photos on bat lovers and commented
made 2 great new patches on novation bass station ii – bloopy Smile
posted 3 politics/satire threads on sc
planning to cook chilli beef meatballs tonight, probably with pasta sauce and spaghetti
"we lived in a garden's heart" re-viewed by someone twice
finally completed level 40 of Candy Crush Saga
tweeted a bunch of review stems

Today's horoscope

Today, fascinating mental realms beckon. New ideas seem incredible and compelling. Except things that seem too good to be true probably are!

Rating: 1/5 - Intensity: 84 - Keywords: unusual, geeky - Mood: You feel penetrating

04.09.14 - Today's horoscope

Family responsibilities beckon today. Find concrete ways to support the people you love: a hug, assistance with running errands and so on.

Rating : 4/5 - Intensity : 59 - Keywords : best effort, analysis - Mood : You feel brilliant solutions

Shopping in the early morning. Anchovies, mushrooms, rice, curry, pears etc.
King Prawn Makhani meal is my favourite Indian recipe from Sainsbury's, I've decided.
After that and a bottle of Spitfire I contemplated writing some review material.
Ended up napping for 20 minutes.
Saw link worker and went to Costa Coffee to fill in WODC forms.
Intermingled with seeing my social worker and discussing meds reduction, bidding details etc.
Listened to Bvdub & Loscil's "Erebus" twice, Lull's "Like A Slow River once.
Decided to save money on restaurant typicality on Thursday and instead use up some shopping.
Generally a peaceful day, appreciating the mess on the street as beautiful decay and wackiness.
"We Lived In A Garden's Heart" re-viewed by someone twice again.

... ate a custard slice

[Image: Smilie22sim.gif]

I had one of those sort of days yesterday too. Didn't really do anything. Laid down for most of it, eyes shut, dreaming in waking life of something good to happen. Phone call from my Dad alleviated loneliness, then I went to The First Floor early evening for 2 plates of Indian and Chinese cuisine, had to leave early due to black rappers calling me a "f***ing n***er" in my head, so Diazepam came out, but felt better later in the night and the owner let me come in again to finish off my meal. Smile

06.09.14 - Today's horoscope

For today you'll be even more malleable than usual. Make this about versatility, not exploitation. Keep the upper hand at all times.

Rating: 4/5 - Intensity: 55 - Keywords: holding pattern, let in the door - Mood: You feel caution

- Picked up by my Dad to return to parents' at 3
- Syns: 18 1/2 (1 can San Miguel, 2 small glasses red, fish in olive oil, Lamb Rogan Josh fakeaway)

07.09.2014 - Today's horoscope

Don't act on your visions yet. Meditate on them for another day or so. It's important to understand what you're doing before you do it.

Rating: 4/5 - Intensity: 55 - Keywords: business or personal, discipline - Mood: You feel pleasure

08.09.14 - Today's horoscope

At last there's a way out. But are you escaping from or to? Take today to consider if you're living on hold or making a
fresh start.

Rating: 5/5 - Intensity: 85 - Keywords: intuitive leaps, shopping around - Mood: You feel screen

Wrote 6th Wire-prospective review, got rejected by The Wire, read funny response from The Wire
Went to shops for a run out with Dad
Vena Amoris - starting to see holes in it as an EP, doesn't fit together as fully as I'd like.
Babe Rainbow - Falling Apart - enjoyed this, very Warp, fitting for the artist to have been on the label.
Listened to Muttley - SIG in the early evening, felt so much better after that
Ennui - Last Alone in the night at last
Syns: 15 (chicken crisps, spare ribs in sauce, lamb chilli kebab skewers x 2, continental chocolates treat)
"We Lived In A Garden's Heart" viewed twice again by someone, and "Children" once.

09.09.14 - Today's horoscope

The pressure is off today. There's no need to talk yourself up to anyone, because your strengths and talents speak
for themselves.

Rating: 5/5 - Intensity: 85 - Keywords: nice, their mistake - Mood: You feel call it

Replayed Braindance, really like all of it now, maybe I'll pursue the set after all.
Sent 2 Wire reviews to Stattzi with comments.
Tagged ASC, 36, Robert Scott Thompson, Loscil etc in my latest FTAL Mix, "Handling Grief".
Was really happy with how that turned out, it's an emotional one.
Syns: 19 (special kebab, wine, raspberries, sponge cake, bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes, apples, cereal bar, milk)
Climbed to 1800 World ranking on Command And Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, my command points kindly being boosted.
Made the "Shut Up And Be Grateful" thread:
Enjoyed The Wire's Bitstream and Tao leadership book supplements.
"We Lived In A Garden's Heart" re-viewed twice by someone.
Had some revelations about women I knew in a past life as images.
Messaged some other friends.

10.09.14 - Today's horoscope

You have the energy to get a lot accomplished, but it's hard to focus on one project at a time. That's okay. Just focus on being creative!
Rating: 4/5 - Intensity: 55 - Keywords: instability, personal income - Mood: You feel feel the love

Up at 8:30, surfed internet for new content
Watered beans and tomato plants
Planned to cook pork and black bean sauce with rice for 3 tonight
Made vegetable soup for two
Recorded audio from Novation Bass Station into Asus OS
Received new copy of The Wire through the post: "Unlocking Perception" byline
Chased up about not sending a plug for the Asus' AC adapter after a month of the laptop being dispatched (very poor customer service)
Listened to Derek Walmsley's recommendation on page 61 of the Dean Blunt issue
Ranked 1796 World on C&C
Lifted paving slabs for cutting grass in garden
Shopped for groceries

Planning to write another Wire review, but don't know what yet

Muttley Wrote:Planned to cook pork and black bean sauce with rice for 3 tonight

Did that about an hour ago (21:25 now). Added some Wok Spice Ginger, green peppers and spring onions to the mix. Really enjoyed it, not a Fakeaway, but as enjoyable as a Chinese from the local.


Up at 5:45
Travel to Oxford
Made bed, rest, meds, listening to Born Of Six – Svapiti CD
Reading Truck festival review in Nightshift 229
Planning to go to Pregnant + Limbo Kids + After The Thought in Oxford tonight, I haven't been to a gig or party in over 2 weeks
Seeing link worker at 2
New review material from Fluid to listen to
Groceries to shop for after the CD has finished