today, I...

11 02 15

Went to visit the road where a maisonette block I will probably be moving into at the end of the month was located.
It looks good.
1098 rank C&C:TA this evening.
Squid & salad garnish with sweet chilli aioli at Beehive is great, not rubbery as I expected, but batter-coated and moreish.
They had a Apple & Rhubarb Jam Roly Poly on today as a special. That was really nice.
I got drunk with a friend and had to sleep 3 hours + when I got in.
I really enjoyed dinner whhich was lasagne + italian veg. LIDL do better lasagne than most in the UK.
Reply emails without replying to them
...sat at computer without doing any work
...went into town and looked in shops without buying anything
...watched Countdown

after all that I think I'll go and have a snooze

[Image: sleeping.gif]

Is thata dig?

Special Recipe By Michael 3 - Tomato, Cinnamon And Button Mushroom Chicken Curry Dip

2tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground coriander leaves
4cm root ginger, peeled
pack of button mushrooms
1 tin chopped tomatoes
2 onions
1 yellow pepper
1.6kg cooked chicken
1 tsp garam massala
2 tbsp med curry powder
1 tbsp mixed spice
1 / 2 cup ratio basmati rice
1 naan bread

Apart from that I went to an art exhibition.

Muttley Wrote:Is thata dig?


a dig at what/who? Baffled




Carrot & Coriander soup is good. Chickpea Dahl or Lentil & Vegetable 2moro. Week off from pub lunches.
Cnsciously trying to lose some upper body fat in the next month.
Listened to a private FL LP.
Sent Nightshift a link to my forthcoming Omni EP fr possible rev.
Played Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for an hour, fantastic game, hugely playable. The 3D effect on the DS is great too.
Low fat fryup and Dalston Chillies Chipotle Ketchup for dinner. No Syns today then.
Surged forums for a bit, had a good discussion with Dad about religion, politics and history all being the same thing.
Made a dub instrumental remix of Little Red's 'What Say You?' with the subtitle 'Remembering To Forget'. Sent to IM.
Early bedtime of pre 1130 as I'm looking for the meds to not zonk me out too long in the morning (gym).

Reply sitting around doing nothing. I don't actually have any work to do.



read dan & jess of fluid radio's argentinian trip diary for the 3rd time.
fryup and nap in afternoon.
played in improvised viola on top of piano on cassius. recorded into ableton, exported, uploaded to dropbox.
upgraded most defense structures on c&c to lv 34.
commented on mobile deals in case a family member loses theirs.
viewed's rq - emergence thinkpiece. apparently basal sounds is being published today.
listened to 36 bass communion remixes, clem leek - cold air mix, 15 mof pt. 63 - the secret place from parents cds.

#easyrecipeyummyfood Heinz beans, Pilau rice pack, seeded Scotch Bonnet chilli, Dalston Chillies Chipotle Ketchup. Bam.
#dinner thai green curry sauce, garlic bread, seafood (mussels, prawns, squid), mixed oriental veggies, chipotle, noodles.
#sent basal sounds amendment in.
#read more of #cantbearsed book.
#gym #walk 5 miles total.
#weight 3 pounds lighter than last weighed on inaccurate scales.
#syns 5/20 guideline.
#wrote repertoire003 vinyl review, #preordered it.
#read #ableton #factmag article about their first publishing endeavour.
#bittenbycat. deserves its own tag.
#drank plenty of water. #sleep before 10pm as #awakening at 5:45 2moro.

night night peeps Wave Hugs

...saw a ball of fluff on the floor, went to pick it up with my toes, and it stung me

what the fuck was a wasp doing crawling along the carpet?


day off work today.

have accomplished nothing on my day off, except watch Jiminy Glick clips all day.

life is grand Smile


just sayin.

lol. all day.

New recipe by Michael 4 - 060415 - Bacon & Onion Chilli & Sauces Sautee

Amchoor curry powder - tbsp
Mustard seeds - 2 tsp
Naga homegrown chilli - sliced in wok and with beans
Snapot of Heinz Beanz sprinkled with cracked black pepper
Special Fried Rice packet from Uncle Bens
2 cherry tomatoes
Waitrose cooking bacon, onion and sautee potato mix in wok, ready in 10-15 min
Batts Tomato & Chilli Jam mixed into pan sauces

4 homemade recipes so far, from simple ingredients, and they all taste great, with less than 35 minutes cooking time. :chhers: Smile

Base recipe by Michael 5 - Amchoor Chinese Steak, Rice & Veg Mix

1 90p chinese style glazed steak from Morrisons
1 pack of button mushrooms
1/2 yellow pepper
1 tbsp amchoor powder sprinkled into pan juices
2 tsp mustard seeds
uncle bens basmati rice for 1 pack heated in microwave then added to wok and fried/blended for 2 minutes

Total cooking time: 25 mnutes.

Base recipe by Michael 6 - Amchoor Balti Chicken Breast Fillet Stir Fry With Chinese Spices

Serves 3 without rice.
Total cook: 15-25 min.

2 Barrys Butchers (or any other as good) Chicken Breast Fillets, cut into small portions and browned
1 tbsp Amchoor (mango) powder
2 tbsp mustard seeds
1 Chinese Style Stir Fry pack from Morrisons (or similar)
A sprinkling of Five Spice powder - or, what I used, Barrys Butchers own Chinese Spice Seasoning Marinade, sprinkled in the pan juices.
Washed down with Kopperberg Elderflower cider makes a great fruity curry lunch/dinner. Smile

...did housework

and now I'm tired

[Image: redeyes.gif]

Decided that there is a bunch of stuff in my life that is unnecessary.

MetaLX Wrote:Decided that there is a bunch of stuff in my life that is unnecessary.

Like me? Sad2


Hey dorko! I responded to your pm Hahaha

Wave Kisskiss

Call it meta-cognition, I'm rethinking my thinking Wink

Today (and very likely the whole ocming week) I'll have to repair shit in a project in my job with very incapable "partners" who I realized haven'T done shit but this project is somehow important for the company I work for. I've done similar things on my own and have had less work as with this "job" which was supposed just to supervise here and there and otherwise let them handlethings. Despite me being a very calm person I am slowly beginning to boil. Abuse
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Reply htose guys I posted above presented at least something that I can work with.... Maybe this is the turning point. We will see. Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho

...drank Lee Rosy's Cinnamon Tea from a Periodic Table of the Elements mug #superiorteaexperiences

[Image: tea.gif]

Special Recipe by Michael 7 - Mutt-on-ish Lamb Madras Hotpot

1/2 carrot, chopped in rings
1/2 parsnip, as above
1/2 pack of garlic sauteed potatoes
pacl button mushrooms
200ml lamb stock
2 boneless lamb neck fillets, progressively stabbed and cut open as the cooking process continues, 90minutes
Juices/sauce = 2tbsp East End Madras powder, sprinkling of coriander seeds, 2 tbsp mustard seeds, 1 tbsp turmeric, 1 tbsp amchoor powder, more pepper than salt.

Served with raspberry and blackberry juice, Tilda egg fried rice, 5 strawberries and cultures yogurt.

All ingredients available from Morrisons.