today, I...

Slow-cooked a vegetable chilli (Mr. Naga Hot Pickle and Mango & Peppercorn Sauce) broth for breakfast in the microwave at 335 and 540 degrees centigrade.

Swam 10 lengths at the leisure centre pool, had a shower, then fell asleep cuddled to wifey for 3 hours after eating a bacon egg sarnie.

Read Preacher comic book on-line. Probably the most useful thing I've done these past few days at work.

Sorted through a bunch of CDs I attributed to my family over the years.
Reply a one line mention in The Times for my chess blog:


Well done.

...spent an idle hour arranging a Bach organ prelude for recorder quartet.


Nice Xyxthumbs

Sounds good Statto. Me love to hear that.
Me looking to give feedback in return on my 4.8/10 score from Scofen nn my Stewdio sessions, which me submit. Me will be positive Smile

Food wise, me is creating many little snax meals, because of:

1. Knowing me really only eating for the taste
2. Or the crunch factor (me savour the image of meals on World Chef, but this doesn't override...)
3. Enough to stay alive.

Me do not eat for sake. If you wondered to, all the use of "me", and avoidance of "I" and "it", that's because me find them exclusory singular pronouns. The other pronouns are much more inclusive, because they lead straight to common terms - like "the".
Denotions have been speaking in me older pigeon English; variants on Portuguese and Erdu, in this sense, too, to avoid complete approach and negativity, all related to the most singular clause in English: "I" as subjective term.

Me cannot write in these languages anymore, as me forgot everything before the age of eleven.
Yesterday me created a 42 minute mix which you can find on the main forum -
Me was amused someone stole "The Cat" in Red Dwarf's famous line Hahaha


stayed in bed until 430 pm (you lazy git Anthony)
For real, me was feeling very fearful, in danger - me get the Heebie Jeebies. Not sure why. We are very "safe", "respected" humans.

Food: mango herrings from Ocean Rise, with sauce, 3 pieces of fruit, a slice of bread to mop up the delicious juice.
Played Game Of War and dismantled someone, only to likely get blown up the next day. Hahaha But that's the game.
Played through drone mixes on my phone from me. Various artists. Including the mix dedicated to my Uncle.

We have been working on ideas for TDD 6 further - in the last week me wrote the Diagnosiness Intro (NO) section. Me have prepared a small sequence of clips and a narrative that inter-ties "Stories Of Solace Episode 3", but me do not know yet how much to do on that.
That will all be publically available from my Dropbox directory to view anyway, me see this as beneficial for the public to know.

Mood-wise, been feeling quite challenged and channelled. Lifting a washing machine with my dad had to be done in two lifts whereas even though the 20kg tortoise ornament took ten lifts over quarter of a mile, was much harder - heavyweight selection of objects.

I went on a little impromptu road trip earlier during the day. We listened to Beach Slang in the car. I was instantly happy. The clouds were glorious.

Beach Slang are releasing another covers mixtape in a few days. I'm down.   Icon_yippee


Tonight.. ending my day. 

this is my lullaby.   

I love this song.  Bluesmiley 


- foudre! review
- vinyl request :picard:
= water drinking
- drying up
- steve roach - dreamtime return
- topped up gas by 20
- went swimming, 4 lengths, tired
- 100 press ups
- phone music listening: goldfrapp - head first...remembering their 2010 oxon show
- loving that fam have tickets for next goldfrapp oxon event 20th march zodiac
- cooked beef madras soup
- plan to cook chicken curry today, or goujons with sweet potato, using curry tray
- 2 new tunes: "incurable malady" / "let yourself go"
- got hair cut 16.50 French crop 4 scissors 3 sides beard trim
- read over tdd 6 again, agree with metal legs
- watched chicken stew, trifle and holiday programs language on bbc 2, with music
= learned how to modify my bass amp signal path
- learned how to use my family jam man device (loop box), programmed 5 samples in
- played retro city rampage, ufc mobile, angry birds 2, dragon city, world chef, game of war
- installed pong classic developed game for Samsung s6 phone
- considered going to play at sparky jst tonight
- considered going out full stop to a random music night
- 5 days amisulpride left in my tablet tin, need to order more meds from Lloyds
- some valproic acid remaining however
- played William basinski - a shadow in time on vinyl at 33 and 45 rpm
- went to charity shop, 5cds for £1 offer, bought 2 classical, 1 Ibiza, u2 1980-1990, this is dubstep comp, the violin cd rom
- considered the relativity of recording thoughts in relation to their productivity

...that's all I can recall from the past two days that means something to me.

Today I edited a few discogs-entries.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

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This was your post number 6.666 Icon_evil
Music critic for the Tally Ho

saw a double dvd copy of van damme - kickboxer series at the local deli - I may buy it tomorrow

not today, last night. today i'm recovering from an email argument with someone who means the world to me.

quality night of downbeat ambient dub, harmonious folk and punk rock at jst. ras brother john, firegazers and the nightwreckers, who almost wrecked my hearing in the best way possible. by the time I left the gig (about half ten) the band were thirty minutes into their set, and I started, from all the extra voices and schizophrenia on top, to get tinnitus symptoms in my right ear (my most sensitive ear). hence early exit.

the gig was absolutely rammed. Grin it was lovely, meeting friends there. and the smell of the spanish chef's chili-infused paella was killing me until I virtually took a nibble. thanks sparky and chums for putting it all on, was half decent. meaning absolutely legendary. I got sizzled lol.

my folks went to see three cane whale and duotone at st. giles meeting house the other side of oxford. we had dinner at my fave restaurant forty minutes before - the first floor cowley, which is just up the road (on the same side) from the jst.

today, I read this, and thought "brilliant".

A look at Haye might not suggest the boxer is vegan, but the Londoner, never one for convention, has been adhering to a strict plant-based diet for three years.
"I have a full-time chef and a good nutritionist who makes sure I get all the minerals and nutrients required," Haye, 36, told The Sun.
"I feel better than ever, I look and feel younger," he added. "People say 'where do you get your strength from?' [But I ask them] where does an ape get his strength from?"
"[Apes are] 20 times stronger than humans and they don't rely on a meat-based diet. They eat plants all day long. It's a myth that you need meat for strength."
Haye turned vegan after looking into the most efficient ways to recover from injury while also researching the "horrible" way animals are treated.
He said: "All roads kept leading back to a plant-based diet."
In combat and strength sports, there is a common misconception that by going vegan people will suddenly become protein deficient, but Gary Turner — a 13-time world champion sportsman — told Business Insider that athletes can get all the protein they need from a vegan diet, providing they eat to caloric needs.

~ Alan Dawson about world titleist boxer David Haye in the interim of his upcoming ppv fight with Tony Bellew.

Not sure, in that I cannot remember, but I thought Bellew might have been the cruiserweight calling Haye out to drop down to that division...or maybe it's someone else. Either way, I will watch the fight on catchup - I don't have Sky Sports.

Gahhh, something's gone wrong with the formatting Statto, can you correct it? Lol



did nothing very much