DJ Kicks

I've got most of this series except for the couple that have come out over the last couple of years. Can anybody tell me wether or not these that I'm missing are worth the buy? Some of these artists' I have never heard of....

I don't have...

The Glimmers
Daddy G
Erland Oye
Chicken Lips
Truby Trio
Vikter Duplaix

Don't got the Stacey Pullen, Carl Craig, Claude Young, CJ Bolland either. Should I nab those? Required listening? All of the others are albums I'll never give up!

I've heard stuff by the truby trio and vikter duplaix...they make consistently good music man.

truby trio is fecking nice...all compost artists are Xyxthumbs (well not all...but most of them).

chicken lips should be quite freaky mix imo.

anything that carl craig touches should be heard...he's a god among men.

cj bolland just to see if it's any good (i bet you it will Teef)

the victor duplaix one is very good ... nice variety of styles on there - some deep house, broken beat and even some downtempo stuff by spacek ..

i like the andrea parker and kemi/storm albums as well ...

Cj Bolland Blue

so it looks like i've got a couple more to buy! Smile prolly get the Truby Trio, Viktor Duplaix and CJ Bolland next? Anybody know anything about these newer ones? Chicken Lips? Daddy G? Playgroup?

i think the stacey pullen one is really good. good tracks in the mix. Smile

I think Rockers Hi-Fi did an album with that name? Might be wrong, but the album I'm thinking of is excellent. Hahaha

Chicken Lips are electro clash if I recall correctly

form Wrote:i think rockers hi-fi did an album with that name? might be wrong, but the album i'm thinking of is excellent. Hahaha

yup! they have a mix in this series and it's very good! Yes

rockers hi fi Lovesmilie

electro clash eh?! Chin

Erland Oye is him DJing stuff that sounds like Royksopp. Royksopp does the song you hear when installing OSX. Its a little cheesy but I like it. Erland Oye is in a folky kind of acoustic guitar duo and has an electronic solo album. The songs were all remixes of his guitar and voice. Very good stuff also. Apparently Erland Oye likes to dance quite a bit. ...

tiga is electroclash/80's remixes. playgroup is similar but a little more cheesy. buy at your own risk based on tolerance and appreciation for said genres. Tiga is fun, if you're into that ish.


my favs

nicolette (with plaid)
kruder and dorfmeister
rockers hifi
thievery corporation
andrea parker
carl craig
erlend oye

and the mighty kemistry and storm

but i don't have all

i think the Playgroup is a really hot mix ... sort of on a sleazy 80s tip

the Daddy G mix is a bit predictable, but the sequencing is immaculate

my all-time fav in that series is probably Smith & Mighty. the 2nd half is one of the best jungle mixes i've heard.

new kode 9 mix is pretty disappointing imo, waaaaay too much house stuff/uk funky/whatever Icon_sad

the saving grace for me was this tune towards the end


The Claude Young one is ace Falcon Claude is a great DJ Xyxthumbs

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