SubVersion Recommends: Greg Haines' 09 Mix

From now on, all non-"15 Minutes Of Fame" exclusives on SubVersion will go under the banner of "Subversion Recommends". For the first instalment I'm very proud to present a fantastic cross-genre set from Greg Haines, the artist who shot to critical acclaim in 2006 with MIASMAH's "Slumber Tides".

We begun chatting via MySpace in concern of gigs, and one thing I was dying to ask was if he'd like to record a selection of his influences. He had this to say...

[Image: m_73375bde121246bfb7e1169ada4761ff.jpg]

Greg Haines' 09 Mix -

"Normally when I am asked to make a mix I begin to look through my records and CDs, trying to find a theme or some kind of thread that connects all the music together. This time, I was away travelling so much (and away from my music collection so often) that I thought it could be interesting to compile a mix purely out of music I have on my laptop. Being someone that doesn't really download music, this mix is mainly music that has been sent to me, music I've picked up along the way, music that I have used for DJing over the year, music I have used for teaching or lectures or music that I missed so much when I was travelling that I had to download it. Shamefully, I haven't had a chance to listen to much new music this year, so most of the tracks are older. Regardless of that, I hope you enjoy a snapshot of my 2009!"


01. Trygve Seim - Himmelrand
02. Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball
03. Allegri - Miserere
04. Jimmy Scott - Sycamore Trees
05. Sufjan Stevens - Redford
06. Burial - Dog Shelter
07. François Tétaz - Wolf Creek: Main Title
08. Arvo Part - Tabula Rasa (ludus)
09. Craig Armstrong - Immer
10. Tape - Moth Wings
11. Seven Peace Orchestra - Sketch II
12. Tomasz Stanko Quartet - Trista
13. Contemporary Noise Quintet - Even Cats dream about Flying
14. Nomo - Elijah
15. Phill Niblock - Sax Mix
16. Popul Vuh - In the Realm of Shadow

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Any feedback much appreciated. Smile

Good thoughts

Will be checking now Grin

Grabbed this earlier, will check when I have chance. Really looking forward to it.

DIB Wrote:Grabbed this earlier, will check when I have chance. Really looking forward to it.


a splendid mix Grin

ambient, downtempo, jazz and classical lovers, this is for you! Wink

Presenting SubVersion's first concert, on behalf of all ambient and classical lovers. [Image: icon_biggrin.gif]

[Image: GregHaines_FlyerWeb.jpg]

Poster credits: Louisa Donnelly

Travel and attending

Doors: 7:30 PM
Where: Holywell Street, Oxford, UK

[Image: OxfordMap.gif]

Tickets: £7 in advance, £10 on the door.
Tickets available from: Music Stand, Witney, Oxfordshire, (tbc), and direct.
Advanced tickets and enquiries: contact

Artist info

Greg Haines

[Image: m_c2c6968dca8145fba35c94c55e0aceac.jpg]

The Berlin-based modern classical maestro follows up his critically acclaimed "Slumber Tides" album with a showcase of "Until The Point Of Hushed Support", his second full length. With special guests.

Hear Greg Haines' 2009 mix for SubVersion:

Sample Greg Haines tracks singularly:

Witness Greg Haines in a selection of Muttley mixes:

"15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series"

Alexander Thomas

[Image: m_f393ad3b5b97cbbd8ab4c934c1954869.jpg]

Bristol's theremin master coaxes outstanding soundscapes from his instrument.

Tune to "Hemispheres Wherein" at 8 minutes in Muttley's 15 Minutes Of Fame Part 5:

"Something To Believe In"

Read a review of his work from Nightshift, Oxford's premier music magazine:

April 08 @ The Port Mahon

Listen to further samples from "Helium":

Thanks in advance for your support! Hope to see you there. [Image: icon_smile.gif]

Kind regards
Muttley SubVersion

Blast from the past, but this had 95 downloads in the last week alone. I should update the pictures that have gone blank on SubVersion.

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