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Edgar Allan Poe is a fan of a type of literary dystrophy in his story "The Mystery Of Marie Roget". He writes: The general impression, so far as we are able to glean it from the newspaper's, seemed to be, that Marie had been the victim of a gang of desperadoes - that by these she had been borne across the river, maltreated and murdered". This very description is seriously vague - serious, yes - and vague meaning destructive of austeurity in the interests of vernacular English supporting seriousness in description. Written as if it might be best a joke, but treated as a aside of bad taste, like the subject herself.

Ban the scum.

Purify your water. Drink less alcohol.

Psychopath also comes from the Greek and Latin interleave between "psyche" and "pathology" extension.

The gap between sociopath and psychopath generalisation is that sociopaths are not violent, and psychopaths are. 

The pluralistic difference between the idioms is not just violence related. I am intrigued by the idea of what you get from supposing sociopaths bottle things until they verbally and pathologically explode. 

This is with the juncture of this writer being schizoid.

I just get proper emails.

Meshuggah are currently my favourite band ever Bluesmiley

I eat, live and breathe REAL hip-hop. Most people do not know what it really is. It's what was often dubbed in grime as "cipher". That is, the creating of new sound. Where lyrics read my mind, and my mind reads off the lyrics.

Now that I pretty much have a selective long term memory, my soulmate is the stuff that I need to finish writing a thought with no explicit interest of receiving a fair critique. That means doing things in the interest of just the two of us - justice. But because in memory loss no justice greatly exists, because everything is apples and oranges, not tied to a key-linked system, I love my music and partner more to release myself into the heavenly pleasures of dopamine.

Try to do different things every day. That way we keep our minds and bodies younger for longer.

Rick And Morty has genius scriptwriters.

White matter develops faster in children than adults because the neural networks in early life are less fixed. And white matter is essential to motor skills.

Adults with proper manners deserve more praise.

"The footwork wasn't very very good".

Until you realise. It's just a story.

No time is wasted time.

But i should have closed the book on her...before it closed on me.

I know I'm in my own little world, but its okay, they know me here.

Don juan is a wanker.

"The open variation of the Catalan is one in which I have a fairly good understanding."
— from a seven-year-old chess player annotating one of their own games.

To put that in perspective:
I didn't know anything about openings when I was seven, and even now at 53 I still don't really understand the Catalan.



lovely album on the Low Point label to begin the weekend. drifty ambient droneries,

The best feeling in the world is not brought by an orgasm. It is brought by a cuddle. Only one can last. In a loving embrace life feels finally complete.

Ad libs and secondary plots...very linked in script and lyric writing. 

Example of an ad lib: "I ain't no bum / good looking but I'm someone's child" overdubbed in the same sentence by the band Oasis. 

Example of a secondary plot: In the series Bottom, Adrian Edmonson intercontextually states "5 hours! I mean I was totally exhausted!" about both the previous episode's sardines record set by Rik Mayall (in filmic form) and how long Eddie managed sexually with Richie's bit of crumpet, Natasha Latitia Sarah-Jane Wellsly-Ponski-Onsonski-Smar-Smar-Smar-Oblimov-Bobblimov-Job,.

I will tell you after all of my wildly prolific ramblings why the world is so fucked up to some of us at different times. It is because it was perfect to begin with.//

I will tell you after all of my insanely prolific ramblings why the Earth is so fucked up to some of us at different times. It is because it was perfect to begin with.
This is the perfect truth, and the only truth. Normality plus normality cancels itself out. The reason why we have psychosis, bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, autism, asperger's syndrome, and the bucket list of physiological pain.

In the same way a positive and a positive = a negative

if you love ambient and love drones, you'll be neutrally at home with this release by Luna


on my lifetime favourite label

Animal care in the human condition should be treated as a subset of carnivorous history. This is not to assimilate it but include it as compulsory act. In bias because we are also animals.

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