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don't listen to this alone, or DO listen to this alone. 

immense brutality. 

sweet dreams.   \m/

Anima Nostra - Sweden

"Atraments" lp, June 2017

[Image: a2537016481_10.jpg]

Torments almost infinite appetite and punk spunk is a good addition to the forum.

^^ belated kind thank you sir.  

so, that Anima Nostra stuff is pretty dark, even I had to chill out a bit after hearing that, ha.  Wink   My external laptop speaker is severely busted & distorted as I post (it held out quite well, served me many years.. must go shopping soon), so if i listen to Anima Nostra related stuff on the comp, the overt distortion only adds to the dramatics.  lol.  I like the production extremes of dark ambient, metal stuff. IMO, within the general music industries, we give much credence to production of current electronic dance musics and such as the  proposed "future", pinnacle of music production fads as they come and go. I've listened to it all, and in general, I find that production of dark ambient, metal related sounds is that much more interesting to listen to on a production level - i mean sub bass can be even more extreme when done right, and it doesn't have to be within the "dance" music context either. Sub frequencies that challenge the listener, your listening equipment, and of course ultimately within live environments are always going to be an experience. As a listener, I'm tapping into that more & more. After spending a couple decades + heavily focused within my own personal tastes within dance music attentions, it is a lot easier to bridge the gaps, and even have references to where electronic music production has influenced metal production,and visaversa in some regards. It doesn't seem as alien, or impossible to think that people can exist within both - or more - realms at the same time. I like that. :Smile It makes sense more and more. 

Anima Nostra.. this is great too.  Some industrial elements included.  Shibalba...  must dig for more.

[Image: a2379861869_10.jpg]

I've been waiting for this.

new Big Brave (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) "Ardor" release finally dropping this week!

I have been incredibly fascinated. That fascination continues. LOVE this band.

[Image: a2690064216_10.jpg]

Cold Fell - Manchester, UK


1.Skull Crushed Against Salford Cobblestones
2.Bone Church
3.Folly (Health And Glory)
4.Spleen i. (In Vino Veritas)
5.Spleen ii. (Bruised Like Fruit)
6.The Whip (Armed To The Teeth)
7.Dream Of Seppuku

[Image: a3671535351_10.jpg]

Dead Like Me - Pau, France

"A terre, amas de rêves" lp, forthcoming October, 2017

[Image: a3338004294_10.jpg]

Algae Bloom - Norwich, UK

0:00 - A Fanfare
1:13 - Lists/Leaves
3:34 - Safer Scene
5:22 - Thorns
8:53 - "Existential Crisis" As A Wave Machine Setting
10:22 - Untitled.
13:39 - We Met Upon The Level
18:37 - We Part Upon The Square
21:26 - (;⌣̀_⌣́)

[Image: a2682255470_10.jpg]

wtf y'all?    It is Monday morning.

Big Brave start my day.  Smile  

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(22nd August 2017, 23:27)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: THE new LIMP WRIST "Facades" LP is fan-fuckin-tastic!   Xyxthumbs

As it would be.

Limp Wrist, always a good thing.

0:00 Façades
0:56 Thick Skin
2:32 Wrap Yourselves in Me
4:06 They Tell Me
6:22 Square One
8:35 Como Vos
10:30 A Little Nervous
12:37 Don't Want You
15:17 My Mind
19:59 Dead Artist
23:47 Systems in Place

[Image: 20248376_783527865159720_146784256346769...038307.jpg]

01 - Twisted Vision
02 - Blocked Out
03 - Wooden Beads
04 - Filling Holes
05 - Wish List
06 - Their Lord And Land

1. Desesperación
2. Not Losing Faith
3. Truth
4. Ugly World
5. You're Dead
6. Servitude

1. Comatose
2. Iconoclast (free)
3. Codes (free)
4. Desastre
5. Which Side
6. Cuff

very much so.. thanks  Smile

1. Flower of Flesh & Blood
2. Erase You
3. Drowning Out
4. Rebel Without a Proper Conception of Marxian Economics

01. The Dance of Kevin McCallister
02. The Death of the Family Dog
03. Repent, the End is Extremely Fucking Nigh
04. I Hate This Camp (Take Your Money and Send Me Home)

[Image: a1323968480_10.jpg]

Faceless Burial - Melbourne, Australia

"Grotesque Miscreation" lp, September 2017



[Image: a1331356256_10.jpg]

(27th April 2017, 23:23)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:
(21st December 2016, 00:00)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Zao - "The Well-Intentioned Virus" lp, December 2016


01. The Weeping Vessel
02. A Well-Intentioned Virus
03. Broken Pact Blues
04. Jinba Ittai
05. Apocalypse
06. Xenophobe
07. Haunting Pools
08. Observed-Observer
09. The Sun Orbits Around Flat Earth Witch Trials
10.  I Leave You In Peace

I LOVE that Zao are active again and putting out new tunes. 

"Pyrrhic Victory" 12", forthcoming November 2017.. sold out already via bandcamp.

[Image: a2276738858_10.jpg]

Xyxthumbs   21 years on..  some great moments along the way.

00:00 - Times of Seperation

6:00 - Repressed
13:25 -Endure
18:30 - In Loving Kindness
23:35 All Else Failed

ZAO - "Liberate Te Ex Infernus" lp, 1999

Circle I: Limbo
1: Intro 0:00
2: Savannah 2:47
Circle II: The Lustful
3: Autopsy 5:26
4: If These Scars Could Speak 8:38
Circle III: The Gluttonous
5: The Ghost Psalm 13:22
6: Desire The End 19:05
Circle IV: The Hoarders and the Spendthrifts
7: Dark Cold Sound 23:55
8: Skin Like Winter 27:14
Circle V: The Wrathful
9: Kathleen Barbra 29:37
10: Man In Cage Jack Wilson 33:13

ZAO - "When Blood and Fire Bring Rest" lp, 1998

1. Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears 00:00
2. To Think Of You Is To Treasure An Absent Memory
3. A Fall Farewell
4. March
5. Ember
6. Ravage Ritual
7. Fifteen Rhema
8. For A Fair Desire
9. The Latter Rain
10. Violet

ZAO - "Parade of Chaos" lp, 2002

1. The Buzzing
2. Suspend/Suspension
3. Parade Of Chaos
4. Angel Without Wings
5. Killing Cupid
6. Free The Three
7. Man In The Womb
8. A Pirate's Prayer
9. The Ballad Of Buddy Bigsby
10. How Are The Weak Free

Primitive Man - Denver, Colorado

"Caustic" lp, October 2017

"Victim" video... definitely NSFW, k?


My Will (00:00)
Victim (05:06)
Caustic (11:05)
Commerce (11:47)
Tepid (24:04)
Ash (32:04)
Sterility (32:44)
Sugar Hole (38:26)
The Weight (44:29)
Disfigured (45:37)
Inevitable (55:58 )
Absolutes (01:08:27)

[Image: a2766093173_10.jpg]

Egrets on Ergot - Los Angeles, CA

"Surfeit of Gemutlich" lp, forthcoming October 27, 2017

[Image: a0886787257_10.jpg]

The Witch Will Die Tomorrow - Chelyabinsk, Russia

"Man Who Never Cares" lp, October 2017  Xyxthumbs

[Image: a1755006796_10.jpg]

Atriarch - Portland, Oregon

"Dead As Truth" lp,  August 2017


Inferno 00:00
Dead 07:41
Devolver 11:26
Void 15:01
Repent 22:16
Hopeless 26:06

[Image: a4191688538_10.jpg]

Veil Vitric - Chicago, IL

[Image: a2506135990_10.jpg]

Dame - Boston, MA

0:00   Glitch
 3:26   Lines
 6:03   Hush

0:00 Hostage
4:33 Bubble Baby
8:04 Charm School
11:36 Tourist
13:06 Shy Bullet
15:33 Zersetung

[Image: a0752674128_10.jpg]

Dame are relevant

Dame are great!!!!  Love the melodies.

Dame guitarist Anna  Cataldo also currently sings for Exit Order, and previously played guitar in Leather Daddy.  Leather Daddy also featured Dame keyboardist Lauren on vocals.  Both bands in a more straight up, old school hardcore, peace punkish vein. All out of Boston as well.  Exit Order, very much doing their thing, extremely well if I do say so myself.  Xyxthumbs

0:00   Seed Of Hysteria
1:50   Mass Panic
3:31   Dead Ringer
5:02   Still  Water
7:43   Electric Shock
8:16   Walk In Line
10:38   The Order
11:07   Making Good
13:17   Dirt On Your Chest
15:11   Clear On The Dust

[Image: a3252106876_10.jpg]

Leather Daddy - Boston, MA


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