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out now: alphacut 003
alphacut 003

a bad matter - jazzthing
listen http://alphacut.net/mp3/acr003a__bad_mat...zthing.m3u
b cycom - rude bwoy (lxc rmx)
listen http://alphacut.net/mp3/acr003b__cycom_-...xc_rmx.m3u

including 8 locked grooves!

breaks, breaks, breaks. we introduce a nearly unknown and upcoming talent from berlin: bad matter, the lost soul of german jungle with his very first vinyl release. listen to it and you will remember former droppin' science
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Paradox Music 003

Is this out yet or is there at least a date..?
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Vampire 001 - 003
This is Phil Asletts post-Source Direct project. I know the first one is definitely dnb, though the others may not be. I think they only came out on white.

Does anybody own these? What are they like. Phil had maaad skills as part of SD.

Anybody seen them about?

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Official OHMOSR 003/004/Poster Mailout Thread!!!
As of today, April 12th, all subs have been mailed out.

Kurt and I personally escorted the packages to the post office ourselves both on Saturday and Monday [two trips!!!].

Despite being chastised by the locals, we managed to pull it off!

As a heads up, you will find upon receving the items that the sides were mislabeled. Appearantly it was backwards day the day our records were pressed. They are etched correctly, just labeled wrong.

Thanks to everyone for their patience!!!

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seeking razors 003. i'll pay you what you want..
Twisted ...within reason of course. if anyone's willing to part with it. pm me. ez
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This is up in the forthcoming on Chemical however Redeye & Juno have nothing listed - Was this just a TP that got to Chemical?
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*** UPDATED *** SC:Digital 003 Released ***
[color=red]*** update ***

due to an administrative error on my part, the instrumental version of z-no(phobic) was uploaded.

i have now uploaded the correct vocal version of this track, and have also left the instrumental version available for download.

this release is now:

sc:digital 003 a - z-no - z-no(phobic) (instrumental)
sc:digital 003 b - z-no - the demanding consumer
sc:digital 003 c - z-no - z-no(phobic) (feat louie g)

enjoy !


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sc digital 003
Z-no were a live band and studio project involving many of the members of the Streetbeats record label, and headed up by former SB manager, Blue.

Unfortunately Z-no are no longer together as an outfit, so we are extremely pleased to have been able to get our hands on these tracks for release

this is not true.

ZnO are still going.
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SC Digital 003 again
oi - Falcon

whoever is responsible - i have been after the first break in this tune for time and a half - wtf is it?

i say again - Falcon
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INTA 003
omg.. squee played intasound 3 today.. and omg.. that release is off the hook!

big up Equinox... insane!!!


btw.. eh. how come this promo is not on red eye / kaizen / chemical while it ended up in Squee's local record store already Icon_eek

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