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Army Of Darkness: Evil Dead 3 out on dvd!
oh my god! bruce rocks!

i cant wait for the 3 film boxed set!
Author: Goldenchild - Replies: 1 - Views: 777
Typecell on phuturefreq.com 15th 2-3 pm central time Plug in
Author: 5-HT aka DJ Woz - Replies: 0 - Views: 1139
3 Mixes: 94-97 D&B - Liquid - Hard

I got three mixes up at the moment at http://peligra.netcity.co.uk

For your listening pleasure we have a 94-97 D&B set full of lush choons and busted beats, a liquid set for those summer nights and a harder set with a few suprises thrown in there. Wink

Set Lists are as follows:

Stelf's Birthday Set - 94-97 D&B - Woz - 2hr

Mystic Moods - Music is the Basis of All Life [Mystic Moods 007]
Octave One - Chill Out '94 [31 Recordings 001]
PFM - Language of Lov
Author: cambridgedj - Replies: 9 - Views: 516
Terminater 3
Saw it last night. Was aight, but like the last two, it left me hanging.

I wonder if we will hear a new version of Terminator from Goldie besides that Cujo rmx
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(SF) PHOTEK Sun Aug 3 @ DNA Lounge
[Image: http://freebeats.org/djm/photek/photek_front_600.jpg]

[Image: http://freebeats.org/djm/photek/photek_back_600.jpg]
(Flyer by influ3nz@tsumimag.com)

Sunday August 3, 2003
DNA Lounge
San Francisco, USA

PHOTEK [Photek Productions, Do Or Die / UK]
Photek aka Special Forces is recognized around the globe as one of the most prolific artists in the history of Drum & Bass. His innovative re
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Bigger Than Watergate-How To Rig An Election In The US-7/8/3
In This Edition: Bigger Than Watergate! - How To Rig An Election In The United States - Fantasy vs Reality - How We Discovered The Backdoor - Evidence Of Motive - Evidence Of Opportunity - Evidence Of Method - Evidence Of Prior Conduct - Consistent Unexplained Circumstantial Evidence

The New Zealand Media blows the lid off of US vote fraud.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. It is offered freely for publication in full or part on any
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I'm off to Madeira on Tuesday for 3 weeks!
Just to let you guys know that I will be abroad from Tuesday for 3 weeks. I am going to the lovely Portuguese island of Madeira.

Feeling jealous yet?

PS, I arrive back in the afternoon on the 19th August so I will have to jet to Cargo as soon as I arrive. Twisted
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cricket crew 3 - the return!!!!
1 - 0 down with three to play

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3 MP3 mixes
3 new MP3 mixes

in the 'DJ Mixes' Section.

Ok, i admit its just a ploy to get some more people to register!!!

1992 Hardcore Vol.4 mix
01 Ruffige Cru - Menace [Reinforced RIVET1224]
02 Metalheadz - Terminator [Synthetic Hardcore Phonography SYNTH 3]
03 Lemon D - Pursuit thru the Darkness [Planet Earth 02]
04 Structural Damage - Really Livin [Symphony Sound SYM001]
05 Foul-Play - Survival [Oblivion Records 002]
06 Tom & Jerry - T
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lettuce - studiomix 3/03

1. nu-tone „get it on“
2. clipz“ soundboy“
3. twisted individual „does exactly what it says on the tin or your money back“
4. perfect combination „let the mother ride“
5 .stakka „junkyard“
6 dylan „chicago sound“
7. drumsound & bassline smith „fallin´“
8. sketch & code „sucker
9. klute „take a breath“
10.audio & mackie „fireball“
11.simon v „icebreaker“
12.technical itch „reborn“ (weapon rmx)
13.ez-rollerz „du

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