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3D Mode releases comin soon. skitty, stranjah muffler + spex
For those who havent seen it...

3D Mode Newsletter - March 2005.

1. 3D Mode Recs Website Re-Launch this month!
2. 3D Mode Recs update.
3. 3D Mode Limited & Beyond.
4. Telapathik Worldwide Musik Changing Frequency.
5. Other forthcoming releases from 3d mode artists.
6. Selected DJ Dates.
7. Contact Info.


1. 3D Mode Recs Website Re-Launch this month! (http://www.3dmode.co.uk)

After a short web reconstruction break we can finally announce the 3D Mode
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3d Mode News June 2005
3D Mode Newsletter - June 2005.

1. 3D Mode Recs Website Re-Launch (Postsponed!) End Of June
2. 3D Mode Ltd Update.
3. 3D Mode & Beyond
4. Telapathik Worldwide Musik Changing Frequency.
5. Other forthcoming releases from 3D mode artists.
6. Contact Info.


1. 3D Mode Recs Website Re-Launch this month (Postsponed!)

We apologise to everyone for the 3D mode website not being online, this is only due to the amount o
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3d street paintings
don't know if this was posted before, but it's kinda awesome Grin

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Dj Devize & Muffler Presents 3D Mode Ltd Edition 03
Firstly starting off on a serious note my friend as well as a 3D Mode artist ( Spex ) passed away.....

Spex will be missed by everyone at 3D Mode straight up. He was one of the safest guys you could ever meet. Spex was very humble, honest & down to earth. Spex has supported me & everyone at 3D Mode for years, as well as the 3D Mode movement supporting the talented artist Spex & his music. We were lucky enuff & honoured to have Spex onboard with us at 3D Mode and privileged to be able to get
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3D Mode & play:agency "The 3D Mode:Expect Nothin' Less Tour"
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3D VR Display with Wiimote & Sensor Bar
Could change the way we play games if developers push the envelope a little?


(sorry if it's a repost!)
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3D Views
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[wow] mad 3d art.
holy shit....

i promiss there's no screaming bitch face at the end of any of these post i've added! i hate them!

you have to watch them in full screen!

3d art

3d magic...

Hallucinate without the use of drugs

Hallucinate with Melt Tube

and listen to this
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[Image: http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...f12f07.jpg]

3D Mode Recs - Dj Devize & Shookz Presents Krookz Inc

A: Dj Devize & Shookz - Walk n Skank feat Jah Screechy

AA: Dj Devize & Shookz - Say It All


Label: Krookz Inc

Release Date: >>> In Stores Now on Promo!! <<<

E-mail: krookzmusic@gmail.com

Distribution via: ST Holdings

[b]Side A: Dj Devize & Shookz f

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