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Paradox - What You Don't Know LP (3x12" vinyl)
a virtually new copy was in selectadisc secondhand at £2.95 so i bought it in case anybody here wanted it

first to reply gets it at cost + postage

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow
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Voyager - Future Retro LP (3x12")
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J Majik - Slow Motion (Infrared LP001) 3x12 promo £6
anyone want it? Wave

third eye
silicon valley (arcon 2 remix)
organized crime
slow motion
kindred spirit

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SC Vol.1 - £10 +p&p - Alpha Omega, Blue, Pieter K - 3x12" EP
subvert central vol.1

a 3x12" vinyl 7-track ep for the non-profit price of £10 +p&p
is now available for general purchase

alpha omega - swingers / militant thoughts
blue - suck / nextploitations / my mind is going
pieter k - crossroads / maze
full low-bit-rate audio sc virb
soundclips at [url=http://www.dogsonacid.com/audio/search/?action=search&formname=audiosearch&rlsearch=subvert+central]doa audio[
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Offshore Octopus T-Shirt and 3x12" Special!!!

We at Offshore have a new T-Shirt shipping now!

Don't miss out on this- Offshore T-Shirt's are always limited and when they're gone they're gone.

The past shirts have achieved cult status and folks are always looking to get their hands on past prints- be sure to be ahead of the curve on this one!

Soundadvice manipulates his "Octopus" design for Iceland's Breakbeat.is night and adds the "Offshore" text.

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SC Vol.2 - Fracture+Neptune, Sileni, Uzhas, Dissident - 3x12
subvert central vol.2

a second non-profit 3x12" vinyl ep is now available for purchase

fracture & neptune - visions of amen / clouds over memphis / visions
sileni - another track / random bullshit / daytime jackhammering
uzhas - soulkast / dissident - taiga
full low-bit-rate audio at sc virb
soundclips at [url=http://www.dogsonacid.com/audio/search/?action=search&formname=audiosearch&rlsearch=subvert+c
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SC Vol.2 - Fracture+Neptune, Sileni, Uzhas, Dissident - 3x12
is available here:

for the non-sticky crew Wave
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Out Now! PCMS 3x12" + CD w Fracture, Equinox, Fanu, and many more!
Hi all,

We have been quietly assembling a huge release this summer.

The Painting Space vol 2 & 3
on 3x12” vinyl and CD, and bonus CD

The Painting Space combines artists with different styles under one theme. Volume 2 focuses on an upbeat, summery vibe where Volume 3 has a desolate, reflective tone offset with subtle quirkiness. The CD combines the tracks from both volumes to create a cohesive and dynamic listen and is arranged to move from ambient and lig
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Subtle Audio 'A Decade In Breakbeat' 3x12" + CD :: PRE-ORDER
Feels like a long time now since I was posting on this forum about starting a label called 'Subtle Audio' ... wasn't sure at time if it would even get off the ground or how it would all pan out but here we are over 10 years later celebrating 'A Decade In Breakbeat' Grin

Big thanks to all the Subvert Central crew for all the support over the years Wink
And a big thank you to all the artists and people that have helped out with websites, artwork, distribution etc

As I mentioned we're cele

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