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Do mixing desks accept digital in and out?!?
Just wondering about the new G5's and their digital in and out...

...I know you can hook up a dolby 5.1 system to it...

...but do modern digital desks work off the same protocol and if so what desks?!? Icon_question

Cheers in advance people!

Pasties for everyone! Pasty
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redeye now accept paypal in case u didnt know
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So, should we all accept that music is worthless......
.....sell the music for FREE, use it as a promotional tool and concentrate on being amazing DJ's and live acts (since that's where the money is)?

P.S - i don't just mean Subverts, i mean the music industry as a whole.
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Jump and Accept Power
For anyone that still has a tape deck! And if you're into ambient, drone, avant garde, neo classical, whatever! Check out http://www.normanrecords.com/other/13321...-rawtrachs
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Forthcoming on Jump And Accept Power
Hey Subverts,

Just to let you know that JAAP tape 2 should be out in a month or two, it will be a mixture of beatless music and some music with beats in it.

Not sure when JAAP tape 3 will be out, but here's a track for u to check, its a demo mix at the moment but enjoy:

Here's some samples from JAAP tape 1:

You can purchase that tape here:

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