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Adam Freeland _ we want your soul (Ed Rush Remix)
Is anyone else into this?? I like the vocals as they give it a 'punky' edge rather than some trite shite about dancefloors or drugs. I think DnB artists remixing breaks (and vice versa) works quite well ..........

PS you can listen to it@ DnB Arena if interested.
Author: Altered Ego - Replies: 29 - Views: 1558
Original Jungle Sound - Adam F
don't know how many people have heard this ? its on the doa dubplate page if you haven't.

i know this is a sample based music but thats just lazy !! Nono

discuss ?
Author: karbonkid - Replies: 15 - Views: 656
Fresh and Adam F produce new pet shop boys single
Lol fair play to him (statement below)
i guess i have just a totally different taste then the guy :P
really, the pet shop boys, they suck haaaaaaaaaard!!!! Twisted

listen here

Fresh's statement on DOA:

im doing whatever i want to do mate, as you do with your life no doubt .. im not having my life governed by a bunch of people with opinions that i dont even know .. i w
Author: fanu - Replies: 22 - Views: 1571
An idea of Fanu remix of Adam F's 'Circles' (DOA thread)
This thread started as a way of saying I don't like the remix I heard, but now I am getting bigups for the idea.

Feel free to contribute, let's make the thread hit big numbers!

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February 2004 Beat Jam - ADAM F
beat jam thursday sessions presents adam f
feb 19th 2004
9 - 3
fez club reading
£5 b4 11 - £7 after

featuring adam f, mc manikular, streetbeats residents

thanks to everyone who supported us through 2003.

happy new year and heres to a great 2004..

[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/images/eve.../side1.jpg]
Author: Blue - Replies: 10 - Views: 269
Adam and the Ants
my greatest influence of all time.......

anyone else?
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Phonic Live Radio - Trisect Show (Kymatik & Adam Bomb) N
Trisect show (Kymatik & Adam Bomb) 7-9

No Blindside show this week.

Hi Qual: http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_hi.m3u
Lo Qual: http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_lo.m3u


Dont forget other shows this week: Kidkut, Contradiction, Rubik Records and INperspective among others...
Author: nuffbonsai - Replies: 39 - Views: 1421
Adam F
i've recently bought a few of his tracks that were released on Section 5 -
absolute quality Grin .

so, other than...
criminal active / listen
lighter style / burning deep
enchanted / what ya sayin'...
what is worth picking up

obviously not forgetting Metropolis or Circles either

please don't turn this into a thread about how awful his current tunes are (as i'm sure nearly everybody here would agree about that) Smile
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Senator Adam - Compressed Soul =epic synthydrumfunk on meth
Here's my new track. Its a hard hitting drummy motha. Will do mixdown this week after I here what the SC dogs think.

Format is MP3 160kbps

Peace Bushslayer
Author: safetyboy - Replies: 2 - Views: 571
adam f - enchanted krust rmx??
any good, just picked it uo for 2 bob

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