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Adam Freeland _ we want your soul (Ed Rush Remix)
Is anyone else into this?? I like the vocals as they give it a 'punky' edge rather than some trite shite about dancefloors or drugs. I think DnB artists remixing breaks (and vice versa) works quite well ..........

PS you can listen to it@ DnB Arena if interested.
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Original Jungle Sound - Adam F
don't know how many people have heard this ? its on the doa dubplate page if you haven't.

i know this is a sample based music but thats just lazy !! Nono

discuss ?
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Ramayan - Adam's bridge

Ramayan is like one of the holy books from India, depending on your belief it is either fact or fiction or bits of both...

The land bridge named as Adam's Bridge is a narrow ridge of sand and rocks, mostly dry, which connects Mannar Island (Sri Lanka) with Pamban Island (India) about 18 ½ miles West-North-Westward. At high tide it is covered by c.4 ft (1.2 m) of water. The status of the bridge is still a mystery as the legends trace the bridge to have more than a million years of exi
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Fresh and Adam F produce new pet shop boys single
Lol fair play to him (statement below)
i guess i have just a totally different taste then the guy :P
really, the pet shop boys, they suck haaaaaaaaaard!!!! Twisted

listen here

Fresh's statement on DOA:

im doing whatever i want to do mate, as you do with your life no doubt .. im not having my life governed by a bunch of people with opinions that i dont even know .. i w
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An idea of Fanu remix of Adam F's 'Circles' (DOA thread)
This thread started as a way of saying I don't like the remix I heard, but now I am getting bigups for the idea.

Feel free to contribute, let's make the thread hit big numbers!

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February 2004 Beat Jam - ADAM F
beat jam thursday sessions presents adam f
feb 19th 2004
9 - 3
fez club reading
£5 b4 11 - £7 after

featuring adam f, mc manikular, streetbeats residents

thanks to everyone who supported us through 2003.

happy new year and heres to a great 2004..

[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/images/eve.../side1.jpg]
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Adam and the Ants
my greatest influence of all time.......

anyone else?
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Phonic Live Radio - Trisect Show (Kymatik & Adam Bomb) N
Trisect show (Kymatik & Adam Bomb) 7-9

No Blindside show this week.

Hi Qual: http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_hi.m3u
Lo Qual: http://www.phonic-live.com/radio_lo.m3u


Dont forget other shows this week: Kidkut, Contradiction, Rubik Records and INperspective among others...
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Adam F
i've recently bought a few of his tracks that were released on Section 5 -
absolute quality Grin .

so, other than...
criminal active / listen
lighter style / burning deep
enchanted / what ya sayin'...
what is worth picking up

obviously not forgetting Metropolis or Circles either

please don't turn this into a thread about how awful his current tunes are (as i'm sure nearly everybody here would agree about that) Smile
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Senator Adam - Compressed Soul =epic synthydrumfunk on meth
Here's my new track. Its a hard hitting drummy motha. Will do mixdown this week after I here what the SC dogs think.

Format is MP3 160kbps

Peace Bushslayer

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