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Pic of Fraccers and Neppers from after Beat Jam
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Is Bassheadz alwasy the next day after BeatJam?
well i know which one I prefer!
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Ultimate After March Party
Spiritual South present’s Southern Freeze
This Saturday @ The Telegraph in Brixton
15th Feb / £8adv £10door
228 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1HE / 9pm-4am / info 0208 678 0777

*** See this weeks time out interview ***

While we are not the most politically led group of deejays and promoters, we’d just like to start by wishing everybody attending the Stop the War March in Central London, a very peaceful and effective procession and look forward to seeing you at South London’s best ex
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after all this time...
where was it they first had this problem... the gulf war in 1991? then again they had the same problem in kosovo, then again in afghanistan, now in iraq again and they still haven't done anything about it...

the british army today admitted that it has used cluster bombs for the first time in iraq. they were used on iraqi tanks near basra. but they also warn iraqi civillians that they shouldnt pick up unexploded clusterbomb packets. the packets are in a yellow plastic so they are easy to spot
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ESB live on Jungletrain.net Tonight! after bar rukkus
hey all!

quick note to let you know that I will be sitting in for Machu & Blasphemy tonight
for their Essenchal Mekaniks Show on http://www.jungletrain.net try to tune in and give
a listen. Union and myself will be doing some back to back

2am-5am GMT
9pm-12am EST

join us in the chat too for shouts
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After years and years of bus bizniz and lift blagging.......
The Fincster has just bought a Car...

i've left it long enough and at 25 years old i had to make the leap...

sorry friends of the earth type people... although it is a 1.1! hahahaha
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after the gig 3am (stream of consciousness thread)
<---this avatar is none other than Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of music and love in case you didn't already know

...intense reflections+ memories of the cute blonde babes who were shaking their thing to your music just two hours previous...

...just gave three more dollars to the blues-saint i was singing "kansas city" with on my way down the avenue back home as i am still smashed loaded with whiskey shots bought for the band and need serious after-gig eats to avoid total hang
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The day after Beat Jam
i suggest we take Statto to Da Bull @ Barkham...and have an ALe 'A' Thon

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What happened after 1997 and why?
Just harking back to something Naphta said on another thread I was just looking at. Why was it that up until 1997 there was loads of breaks flying around in pretty much every track, even those played and produced by the big players? Since then the 2 step has ruled partly I think because a lot of DJs just don't know how to mix these properly. 98 was such a terrible year for drum and bass compared to previous years it's strange to think it's the same music. Also the crowd now expects all the m
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Jeeesus ! Marc-Vivien Foe dies after collapsing mid game

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