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Won an Akai s5000 --> selling my Akai s2000
Won the former for 375€ last night, so I will be selling the latter.
Won't be asking for that much: just want postages and some reasonable price. It's been used a LOT on Fanu production - many many tracks were made entirely with this (e.g., Defunct Drums' Depression Decade), and it's been a steady sidekick on very many tunes too.
It's got max ram, max outs, and the effects card that gives you good fx (e.g., one of the longest, deepest reverbs I've ever found).

This will be for those who w
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Akai S2000 fully loaded for sale
Throw me an offer for a great sampler. Expansions include a really good resonant filter with high, low and bandpass. EQ section. Full RAM. 8 outs. Effects. Also there's MESA software for editing on your computer. Definitely a great piece, I'm just downsizing my studio. I'd like to see it get in good hands.
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AKAI sample cd
i was wonderin if anyone could help me with a little problem im havin.
i got a load of akai sample cds but wavelab doesn't open them and
neither does recycle. should i be able to open them or are they for a
certain type of sampler?

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Got this sampler a year ago newly boxed, so its in excellent condition, comes with manual too and has all the standard features.
Im selling it for £200
I also have actual pics of the sampler if you want to see what it looks like too, so drop me a pm. Cool
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akai sys user...
so i've just got my usb board for my akai s5000 been using for a bit now but when ever i use akai sys it'll be fine for a while then it crashes my computer, any one eles had this problem?
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anyone know of some software that can convert akai - wav
I wondered if anyone could help i have a few akia cds and would like to read them with my pc.Does anyone know of a way of coverting them on some sort of emulater so i can access them.Thanks
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@ Akai users - Chickensys Millennium?
hey all,
i've been looking at chickensystems millennium app as a replacement for akai's mesa. anybody used it before? how do you find it compared to mesa?

anyone got a copy for sale, too?

cheers for any help or advice you can give Smile
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Akai sampler troubleshooting

I just picked up an Akai S3000. I've two computers - G5/OSX/Logic Pro with Motu 828 and a controller keyboard (usb) off it and a G4/OS9.1.

1. The S3000 picks up nothing from either the MPC or controller keyboard if Midi data is sent via the Motu. If I plug the controller or MPC directly into the S3000 I get midi.

2. There's nothing happening via SCSI on the G4. A SCSI probe shows the G4 on ID7 and that's it, no SCSI buses or anything. I've tried setting the S3000 to local ID 0-6 and
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Expanded Akai S3000xl sampler
Second try. All the other stuff was sold. Just this:

Akai S3000XL Sampler
Fully expanded to 32Mb. In excellent working condition with power supply etc

pics here:

[Image: http://urban-decay.co.uk/gearpic1.jpg]
[Image: http://urban-decay.co.uk/gearpic2.jpg]
[Image: http://urban-decay.co.uk/gearpic3.jpg]

Private message or email if you're interested Smile
Author: fanu - Replies: 24 - Views: 1605
Looking for Akai s950 / s3000xl
(statto, can u pls let this stay here for a day or two before moving it to the 2nd hand forum? Kisskiss)

should u have one of those marvellous pieces of kit collecting dust in your studio, lemme know, i'd be interested! Wave

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