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Akai S3000 storage/backup in the 21st century?
not a massively exciting subject i know, but one i could use some help with...

having gone back to my hardware roots and plumbed in all my old gear very recently, i can honestly say i still fckin love my old akai sampler!! i even felt comfortable enough to start sampling and chopping breaks again on it today. this is all well and good, and i like the 'limiting' feeling that goes with it, pushing you to work with what you have etc, but limitations when it comes to saving work are not so attrac
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A/D converters : Akai MPC2000XL vs. E-MU 1212M
I tried this before rather casually, and I found that the recording I took with the 1212M had a few faint "bloops" similar to what you hear in damaged mp3 & mpg files. Also, I was comparing a 1-2 second sample vs a 30 min recording, which the MPC could never do.

so this time around what should I do?
what are all the parameters I can test?
what programs/plugins should I use?
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AKAI groove and velocity templates for cubase?
Hey all,

I'm sure many of you know, I've been a staunch proponent of 'in the box' production methods for some time.

I had a guy talking to me at work the other day about the ups and downs of MPC vs. computer based beat production.

I was saying (as usual Teef ) that I felt like the computer, in combination with a pad based mpc style controller, was a more 'complete' system, in that, you can accomplish the same kind of sample treatment and input method. Beyond that, you have all
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hard drive in akai s5000
any one done it?
what's the best way scsi or ide?
i know it's got scsi and you can get ide converters or controllers.

or shall i just stick with the usb?
i was thinking of sticking a hard drive in it with a load of breaks and drum samples so i could turn it on and away i go but transferring thru usb's not hard...
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any one use akai sys?
i've just installed it after a long time now but it keeps crashing big time any one know of any fixes or (ha ha) updates?
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SCSI card for Emu/Akai samplers
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akai s2000 SCSI setup
have it all hooked up so that the scsi card is recognizing the s2000, tried reading as much about scsi in the s2000's manual (i 'think' i have it setup on the right id channel) when i send a sample within soundforge it seems to be picking up the s2000 and will send, but nothing gets to the sampler...

is there some more setting up on the s2000 i have to do?
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akai s5000 for sale
with usb card, no manuals or cds, but all available from akais website free

good condition quick sale price £180


can dig out a uooossb cable for it
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the Akai sampler thread
I just hit up an s2000 thread like 5 times today - figured I 'd just start a thread for Akai owners.

hooked up my S5000 to my PC w/ an Adaptec ATA-2940 SCSI card.
Flip on my sampler and it finds the internal hard drive without a problem.
flip on my pc. hit Ctrl+A and enter the SCSI config screen. I enter the SCSI utilities menu and it scans for SCSI devices. Finds the ATA-2940 SCSI at device #7 and nothing else.
scan for new drives from the S5000 and POW! it crashes.
reboot - exit and save t
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Akai s3000xl with zip drive
Akai s3000xl for sale, backlight a little faded otherwise unit in excellent condition, smoke free studio

comes with iomega 250 zip drive

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