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Abduction - old atari/akai track from 94

Powered up my old 1040/S3000 setup again last week and have been amazed to discover most things (bearing in mind it's all stored on 17 year old floppy disks) still loading up ok... Only have one DAT with these old tracks on, and since then the deck has died so thought I'd try to salvage/re-record them again if I could, once again through the dinosaur analogue desk, but this time into my macbook.

Hopefully have more coming once I've sorted through shitloads of disks, really good to h
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akai s20??
just had one fall into my lap...anybody have thoughts on it? care to share?? i know he uses it here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rsJFt6MJ38 <- but does he have a pedal for it or something? im not quite sure how this is working....
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Selling: Akai s5000/s6000 FX expansion card (EB20)
Author: Maff - Replies: 21 - Views: 3861
Akai/EMU sampler Compact Flash card readers anywhere in the uk???
Just wondering if anyone knows of people/companies selling akai compatible CF card readers in the UK? Dying to get using my S3000 again (esp after just listening to a rough bounce which makes all my ableton/logic stuff sound like mush) - but floppy drive is on the blink big time and am reluctant to shell out £60/70 for another old 100mb zip drive which is probably due to die on its arse like mine did the other month. HD has been a consideration, but would prefer to avoid unnecessary open
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Akai block diagram?

Would anyone have a fairly detailed block diagram or similar info on the insides of an Akai S950 by any chance?

Basically I'm researching it for a uni project but can't seem to find enough technical details about its components. I've downloaded the manual but it only seems to give a very basic picture...

any info would be great,

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sorry for spam but i just thought someone here might want this... in UK £230 with postage, with psu and box but no disk.

mail me bobule at gmail dot com
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AKAI MPK25 for sale
AKAI MPK25 for sale barely used due to moving house too many times, still in original box with all disks included £120, not including delivery cost. Looking for a quick sale as rent's due.
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AKAI MPK25 for sale

Barely Used Akai MPK25 for sale full details on she bay. Hope everyone is well
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A few new tunes made on an Akai s950 =)
Got one of these the other week... had never used hardware before.
Well enjoying this is a process as opposed to doing everything in the box.

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Akai MPX8 - just for fun?
I saw them on eBay (Germanian), for 99 EUR.
With shipping to HU, the final price could be around 110 EUR (cca.)

I was wondering on a padKontroll, but now, (for some extra money) I got a padKontroll with SD sample player...

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