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Attn: All who attended Beat Jam ......... please read.
Can someone help me please as i have just been have a discussion with a friend who attended the above named event i need to identify someone there ........ they were about 6'2 ish wearing a cap and stood with Meta while Groove was playing don't worry you ain't in trouble just need to know who you are ???

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So what you all think of this then ??
do you like what i have done with my hair today ??

its new type of conditioner !!

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Best British Comedy TV Series of all time
Well, theres some gooduns!!
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So if all steetbeats crew are from reading....
do you all have that funny reading accent?? That hybrid of new town london ish slang mixed in with the south west ooo err accent?? Funny shit every time i speak to people from there
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old skool mix for y'all

01: ray keith - tapes [advance]
02: 2 bad mice - hold it down [moving shadow]
03: bizarre inc - such a feeling vinyl solution]
04: manix - special request [reinforced]
05: shut up & dance - green man (remix) [suad]
06: djs unite - djs unite vol 1 [xl]
07: lennie de ice - we r ie [ie]
08: isotonik - different strokes [ffreedom]
09: cool hand flex - pump the bass (?) [oddball]
10: jj & devious d - time of
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Bless you all..........
I really am also quite touched by the amount of pro-Sb activity on DOA. Some constructive, some destructive. Both of which gave me strength.

thanks, love and a good life to all of you.

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So what's the Street beats kru all about?
I'm guessing your in the UK. What are you about? And do you all like green eggs and ham? Grin

Discuss..... Cool
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your all-time breakbeat rinseout champion record
arcon 2 - 'the beckoning'
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Iwan't to know what you think are the...
1. Best
2. Worst
3. Goriest
4. funniest

Zombie films of all time

Here is a reminder of the films for you.

Alien Dead. Director: Fred Olen Ray, 1980
Army of Darkness. Director:
Astro Zombies. Director: Ted V. Mikels, 1967.
The Beyond. Director Lucio Fulci, 1980.
Blood Nasty. Directors: Richard Gabai and Robert Ian Strauss, 1989.
The Boneyard. Director:
Braindead. Director: Peter Jackson, 1992
Bride of Re-Animator. Director: Brian
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mv all stars live on phuturefreq.com tonight
tonight on http://www.phuturefreq.com the mv all stars will be broadcasting from 7to12 uk time with the following line up!

2to8.30 smoking monkey
8.30to10.00 dj Q(usa)
10.00to11.00 dj mangle
11.00to12.00 dj yen-cee

tune in and join the chat for shouts!

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