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Paranormal .... (Blue is not allowed to post in this thread)
OK so whats the thoughts of paranormal activity on here then ? As most probably know i am a firm believer in spirits affecting our day to day life.

What do you think ? Is there a scientific explination for poltergeists/apparitions ??

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am I allowed to post tunes in this forum?
It seems that the Beat Ranch is pretty much dead apart from a seemingly random twitch every day or so. Anyway, I kinda wanted to post a tune to get some feedback from people here, and although I could have registered under a different name and just hyped myself up, I feel like I can hype myself up anyway with this user name :P

Anyway here's a link to my new tune...if people don't like seeing this kind of stuff in this forum then I just won't do it again, but people here seem nice enough.
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Not allowed home because there is a WW2 bomb next door!!!
I went shopping with the car yesterday evening and when I came back the road was completely closed and nothing was being let through. I ask the police what was happening and he said that an unexploded ww2 bomb has been found in the building works on my road. So I stayed the night at my mum's place and came back today. The road is still blocked to vehicles but residents can return to their homes. Very strange. The best ever reason to be late for work etc

Here are pics of the view from my balco
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lost season finale (no spoilers allowed!!)
i have it sat on my xbox but i have to wait for my fiance (or beyonce as she calls me - bleargh) to get home ... ARGHLARGHLARGH

i am SO excited!!!

whatwith the end of heroes, 24, ugly betty, lost and sopranos - am i going to be forced to watch actual transmiteed tv?!?!?!!?

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