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R.I.P. American Democracy
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protestors to inspect american weapons of mass destruction

"The Washington demonstration is set to start at Capitol Hill. Activists say they will march to a nearby navy base to demand the right to inspect US weapons of mass destruction."

i bet they don't get let in.

its an interesting thing to see lagrge american crowds pointing out the obvious double standards in american foreign policy. it seems to be happening more and more often.

yet the polls still say bush has full support
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ATTN: American contact wanted
on a serious note

we require more american contacts/promoters djs etc enabling us to set up a tour of america.

we have some gigs in the pipe line but wanna make it bigger and more cost effective.

appreciate any info anyone may have, you can pm me if descretion is required.

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I am an american newbie bastard !
Hello all.

Blame Blue - he invited me .

I just bought 20 records of dopeness for 50 bucks from someone who needs the cash superbad.

So I will be posting more next week.
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Frank Zappa on the American music industry and culture...
This is an extract of a speech by Frank Zappa, delivered at the 1984 convention of The American Society of University Composers (ASAC). Frank Zappa challenges the music industry, 'rules' and 'regulations' in creating/composing and the way that we consume music - in his autobiography 'The Real Frank Zappa'. Although it is quite dated (almost 20 years ago!!) and is largely addressed to classical 'composers' (who he also has a major dig at!), I feel that alot of it applies to the music indus
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recommend me some american based dnb
as i said in another thread, i am sending my sister to breakbeat science to get me some records while she is on her hols, i got this so far on the list.....

Pieter K: Striation / Dromedary

Pieter K: Sequence / Watch Dis

V/A-Future Cut/Dune/Stakka/Decoder Rmxs: Remixology-Possession/Contact/Liquifaction/Vertica

0=0: Reflux/Running

can anyone think of anything else worth getting Icon_question
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American Splendour
Went to see this film last night at the Duke of York's cinema in brighton. I didn't know anything about the subject, Harvey Pikar - an american 'regular guy' who writes comic books about himself and his work-a-day life. It's a great movie with a lovely self-depreciating humour about it and is very cleverly constructed (it includes sections of real footage and interviews with the real characters who are played by actors), I'd recommend anyone to see it. Best film I've seen in a while.

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american idol reject
american idol reject video clip. this is what needs to be done to all the peeps that are on american idol.

its teh dope!

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American Subverts ?
<-- Raleigh NC

Where you guys at ?
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People of Southern Canadian and Northwestern American times
If you've got some spare TIME tomorrow night,
and looking to spend your evening in a manner of hypest times, I'd suggest the SPLINTER/THRESHOLD jam of wall shattering and subwoofing times.

It's gonna be off the hinges of screws of loose times. Of amen smashing times. Of screwing your girlfriend and saying 'fuck that', this beat is more important of get the fuck off my cock times.

The venue happens to be of extremely intimate times so it's going to fill really quick and you might miss out

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