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Irish Run amok in absence of any SB crew!
They're presumably busy with their Ultra-Violent gig or whatever...so I say it's time to set up a cattle-mart and a fair here in SB central.


How much for this heifer?

[Image: http://www.kyloes.net/haydons%20heifer.jpg]
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Graff Gone Amok
theres something cool yet so wrong about this . . . select the movs

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One question, WHEN ?
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What break is it in Fanu's 'Amok' and 'Tribes' remix?
Amok is excellent incidentally.
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Fanu- Amok
My favourite tune with the 'Do the Do' break. Any other 'Do the Do' tunes to recommend? (Don't like 'Circles'). 'Kid Caprice (Funk Mix)' by Wax Doctor uses it well too.

Also, which Pearl Jam tune does it sample?

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