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OMG - Fracture & Neptune's new Amen Workout
quite simply the sickest amen track i have heard in years. ..

big isn't the word

bring on the 28th... i can't wait!
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i would like a plug&play broad band thingy - who is king

helpus Smile

suits you!
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Moodiest up & coming Rude Bwoy in DNB today???????
for me it has to be


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Sound & Lighting For Hire!
allo Smile

just if y'all didn't know... we have stuff for hire! boh!

turbosound rig (flashlight/floodlight combo) 20k +
roboscans etc. actually shit loadsa lights
argon lazer bizniz
decks and all that junk.

bear us lot in mind if you ever need to hire stuff Smile coz we are junglists innit!

anyways.. i hope strikeus, bluey and scopikulix don't get annoyed with my blatant use of this forum for personal gain... aha!

*quote streetbeats and get a charming carriage clock with ever order,
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Shout Out To Street Beats & Crew
must say this board is comin on well, clean design, clear info, clean language (although that might not last long ArgTwisted )

so maximum respect to the sb boys

can we have a round of applause please

Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim Smilie05sim

where's a clapping smiley when you need one Chin maggie will just have to do
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Wahey Naphta & Bassbin crew in Knowledge
page 37, looking well cynical and pissed off to be on a photoshoot Xyxthumbs
Author: Altered Ego - Replies: 6 - Views: 726
Attn Fracture & Neptune
Leave our women alone !

Lock up your daughters the boys are coming to town !!

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Magabe & Zimbabwe.....
When are we actually going to do something about this mini Hitler?

i mean already hes either directly or indirectly guilty of........

genocide (a few times)
inciting racial hatred

and we havent done anything apart from a few miesly Eu sanctions that are hurting innocent citizens and not targeting the guilty party.......
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Mark E Smith & The Fall.........
What is it thats so fucking appealing to the Fall........???

i mean theyre a bit shit really but i fucking love 'em..........

they have a certain something that no-one else has..........
Author: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - Replies: 1 - Views: 409
Achtung Senor SCOPE & Senorita BLUE
where you at fellas? did yas get me telegrams?

still waiting for a response [Image: http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/files/simple/sad.gif]

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