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FAO: Anyone with an understanding of speakers/amps
Ive had a bit of a mishap with my setup. I have a set of Wharfedale Diamond Series 8.4+ speakers, with a Marantz PM6010OSE amp. We had a party, and someone turned it up too loud while i wasnt paying attention, and it seems that there has been some damage done. When i play music at a reasonably low volume, there is a very small amount of crackling, then when i start to turn it up, my amp switches itself off (like a safety cut-off). Ive tried the amp with other speakers and I am able to turn i
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class a amps exposed and explained...
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mad professor amps
i dread (no pun intended!) to think how much these cost but oh! the tone!

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FS: Various mics, guitars, amps, turntable and misc
For sale, items in Wokingham, UK, will ship worldwide subject to buyer paying shipping costs and fees:

Samson C-Que: £50
Samson C-Control: £50

SE z5600A: £400
Shure SM7B: 250
ADK SC-1: £30

Gibson Les Paul Studio (Black with Gold Hardware): £750
Yamaha CPX 700 Electro-Acoustic: £250

Technics 1200 MKII: £280
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Audio Interfaces / Headphone Amps
Was hoping to get some input from people here as I'm thinking of investing in a RME Fireface 400 Audio Interface and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Headphones.

I've heard that in many cases a headphone amp is needed to boost the output level from audio interfaces.
Does anyone know if this would be the case with the RME 400 to drive the Beyerdynamic's (50 Ohm impedance)

I mean, there is a dedicated headphone output on the RME - is that output different to the line-level outs ?

any feedback a
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headphone amps
ez guys.
just spotted this wee headphone amp on amazon for a bargain £17 Icon_eek

Is it likely to be dog shit for plugging in HD600's?
Does anyone have any experience of the Fio E5?

I cant afford or justify an amp of >hundereds of pounds...
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts..or any alternatives <£100

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