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Good frequency analyser on the Mac
I want to do some tests with various units in Reason (yeah yeah, shut up Teef ) and what colouring or harshness they introduce to the sound. I'm convinced that certain units change the sound when just using them for extra volume over using just the volumes on the mixer... but I want to be sure so I can prove to someone Wink

At worse a good one on the PC and I can run it via Bootcamp.
Author: brandz - Replies: 5 - Views: 1025
Frequency analyser reason 4
I NEED a frequency analyser for reason 4 guys, is this possible attall? im getting further and further with my producing each day and im trying to make everything perfect, and i think if i had one of these it would make things alot easier for cleaning stuff up Grin
Author: egres - Replies: 3 - Views: 696
please recommend best free spectrum analyser!
Hello, just wondering what analysers you use.

free or not.

I have a mac and use cubase 6 and live

thanx in advance Smile

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