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Intelligent Design Argument Heats Up

[quote]An experience-based analysis of the causal powers of various explanatory hypotheses suggests purposive or intelligent design as a causally adequate--and perhaps the most causally adequate--explanation for the origin of the complex specified information required to build the Cambrian animals and the novel forms they represent. For this re
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a very serious argument yes indeedy
fanu Wrote:what is your view on this?

the more people who hear of you in any context, the better, so fuck being precious about your public image and celebrate it. even if 'DJ Samurai' makes horrid hoover hard house, if someone checks out one of his tracks thinking it's by you and posts a thread on DOA called 'since when does fanu make hoover hard house? LOL', your name is getting out there and people are talking and thinking about you Grin

as far as controlling hype and image goes,
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let's have an argument (discussion)....
....on the merits of mac's vs. pc's in their respective current incarnations.

i'm all ears for any pros and/or cons anyone on here has experienced with either platform. especially if you've RECENTLY purchased a new machine.

i'm going to be getting a new one within the years end methinks.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!
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Arjen Robben Is a Ball, Your Argument Is Invalid

"Internet memes appear as mushrooms after the rain. Several days after the World Cup finished, this ‘Arjen Robben Is a Ball’ meme has become very popular. And it’s no wonder, it is hilarious."

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internet argument resolved

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