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Polska has arrived... LIVE Session May 1st 2003
big up code and

[Image: http://www.szaliki.pl/artykuly/szalik_tkany1.jpg]

at last the set is here... do to limited bandwith, ill host the live p.a. in realaudio only.
if anyone got extra bandwith to host it i can send 128k mp3 plust the dj mix with polska & con going b2b.

the first track on the set is 'Summertare' & was realesed by KIN Records, the rest i have no info on. get ready to be blowin away!
stream here ----> [url=http://breakedits.no-ip.info:1024/polska.ram]POLSKA LIVE
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T sHiRts HaVe ArRiVeD At LasT

looking good too.

will put em in the post over the weekend and begining of next week. anyone who hasnt paid yet will not get thier t shirt until paid and if i dont get cheques soon then i will be selling em elsewhere as i am currently at quite a loss because of it. i will pm those responsible, its up to you guys.

thanks to all for being patient. there were some personal problems unforeseen at the other end hence some delays but all sorted now.

lovely jubbely.

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Offshore/Ohm Resistance 10"'s arrived today! B0h!!!!!
woooooo! check out this crap picture of me with my new bassbin shirt and pretty records Xyxthumbs
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Ruska has arrived... LIVE Session May 1st 2003
Who's this Polska guy?

c'mon! ya'll know u'r coming to see Ruska on that day instead!

let's all pull together now so that Polska's jam is empty
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Lo:Cuts testpresses arrived today........

Jig Falcon Pint
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arrived this morning...
breakage - disco 45 (vip remix) / naphta - one squeeze vs out of time (zero tolerance remix)
equinox - stagger / ital lion tuff head

Icon_yippee Drums [Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/imag.../dance.gif] Falcon

one general request though...

please, no more ragga samples anyone
these are getting mighty tired Yawn
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My exile EP on mosquito arrived!
Sticky Buds is the nuts!

erm....well.....that's it Oops
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Subtle Audio ... Vinyl Has Arrived!
And so... about 2 weeks after I decided to start a label, the vinyl is hitting the streets.

Good work Conor.


... picking up Subtle Audio 001 & 002 this evening!

See attachments for Sleeve / Labels and T-Shirts!
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"The Key" arrived on TP this morning...
The Calibre tune of the other side is Homerdrool
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THEY HAVE ARRIVED.... Subtle Audio 005 & 006 !!!
thought this day would never come...


just going over to stores at work to pick em up now...


if you don't know the music, then : http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/view...er&t=27652


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