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ok i'm going to ask the biggest don't ask question y'all!
i now have broadband...

any good sites for breaks & weird fx samples???

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Okay, I just have to ask:
Why do MC's talk in silly voices?

You don't hear them talk like that ANYWHERE else except when they are on the mic. The ONLY exception I can think of is Qdini, who does actually talk like that normally.

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Arnie wants to ask you a bunch of questions...
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Cop Shoot Cop - Ask Questions later
A magnificent lp and anyone who hasnt heard should hear the sampling genius of this ironic and iconic Brooklyn band.
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monitor confusion - i shall ask the "experts"!
right you knowledgeable fuckers, since EVERYONE says different things about different monitors on diffeent forums - ie. "I like the alesis M1s" reply: "nah the m1s are shite, get Events" etc etc. I am once more going to confuse myself by asking yiz which are the best FROM THIS LIST ONLY! as these are the ones i can afford/am considering buying. and no, i cant go to a shop and test them all, Ireland does not have such a shop.

so here's the list:

1. alesis m1 mk2 actives
2. behringer 2031A
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would it be cheeky to ask for some 1996 tune ids in here? 8]
got those bits from a mixtape of a now defunct radio station called "evosonic" from germany in the late 90ies, and suspicion that it was BAILEY mixing... Smile
maybe this helps... also, these ones may only been on dubplate, erm... whatever, would be nice if someone could take a listen:

you guys cannot imagine how much i need these ids, hehe...
jumpin around thru my nerdy studio 24/7 since 10 years now...
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I still dont know how much I should ask for a gig
I've been doing gigs (mostly abroad) for, hm, 2.5 years now...

TBH, I still don't know how much I should be asking for Grin

If u wanna help me out, PM me about your price / about prices of some of my colleagues - maybe it's better not to make it public, I dunno Baffled

It's just that I've been thinking that I should have my price on the right level as the gigs keep coming now...
I know there's no price chart or anything (haha) and I know there's various things affecting the prices but compari
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Got anything you wanna say to/ask the Winstons? Post it here
this friday, november 24th, we're conducting the first ever interview (video) with one of the original remaining winstons (of "amen" break fame), lead singer/tenor saxophonist richard spencer...

if you have anything you want to say or ask, please feel free to post it here... anything from questions, to a simple "thank you", ect.... he will likely read all of it, as he has told me he is very fascinated by how influential and used this breakbeat is, and this well deserved recognition will likel
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--- Right... I've been t0ld t0 ask 0n here ab0ut Tha Castle?
Right so i'm having a party on Saturday tha 24th March and we're looking for an after party and told to ask about this place, can you guys give me some details?!?




also if your keen for this party see this link


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