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Hidden Lab - Long Dawn (dubby atmospherics)
Inspired by a pad sound that I built in Absynth (the main pad in this track), a tune that could in a way be the sequel to Convoy. Very ambient but still with a lot of drums. Wink

Hidden Lab - Long Dawn (v3) (96 kbps MP3, 4.4 MB)
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Hidden Lab - Genotype (breakdriven atmospherics)
this is my latest track, done in about two nights in the past week.

like several other hidden lab tunes, it combines forceful elements with
more relaxed and atmospheric parts, aiming for a fusion of the two into
a big sonic meltingpot.

the name of the song is inspired by my girlfriend's recent studies in
medical biology. Lovesmilie Xyxthumbs

[Image: http://www.forensic-evidence.com/site/id/dnatwin.jpg]

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•••Essential Old Skool / Atmospherics Mix••• (Bukem,PFM, etc
01. Goldie - Jah
02. Sounds Of Life - Hidden Rooms
03. Source Direct - Complexities
04. Omni Trio - Living For the Future (FBD Project VIP Mix)
05. DJ Pulse & Alex Reese - Kudos
06. Paralell Worlds - Tear Into It
07. Wax Doctor - The Spectrum
08. Parallel Worlds - Contagious
09. Omni Trio - Thru The Vibe (2on1 Mix)
10. Sounds Of Life - Intallect
11. Studio Pressure - Jump Mk II
12. Invisible Man - The Bell Tune
13. Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP)
14. PFM - Wash Over Me
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Essential Oldskool Atmospherics II Mix!! (source direct etc)

1. pfm - the western [good looking]
2. rantoul - the ladder [good looking]
3. omni trio - astral phase [moving shadow]
4. source direct - secret liason [good looking]
5. axis - high point [looking good]
6. wax doctor - heat [r&s]
7. oaysis - outcry [moving shadow]
8. pfm - summer boy [looking good]
9. omni trio - fire island [moving shadow]
10. danny breaks - firin' line (origin unknown sound fx remix) [drop
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Bambu Old School Atmospherics @ Jungletrain 8PM
title sez it all... Grin

I'll be doin a classic atmos set, while karbonkid can play promowhore Teef

tune in and be surprised Wink


Join us in the chat:


or try java/cgi based chat:

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Code - Atmospherics Volume 1
I've had a Mixcloud account for 2 years but only finally getting around to using it today !

Seemed like a good excuse to get this mix online, did it a while back to highlight the atmospheric D&B sound of the new century.

Everyone talks about the classic sounds of the 90's but there has been alot of quality atmospheric style tracks release since 2000 aswell. Check this mix for evidence ! Featuring the likes of Polska, Breakage, ASC, Sub, Big Bud, Seba, Naibu and more...

[B][SIZE=3]Code -
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28 Minutes of Drummers' Delight and Atmospherics
Promo mix featuring tunes by Brijawi. Enjoy!
Link: https://soundcloud.com/brijawi/brijawi-promo-mix-2015
Track list:

1. ATG [Pinecone Moonshine]
2. SG [Omni Music]
3. Covert Operandi [Omni Music]
4. Come On [Omni Music]
5. 68 Funk [Omni Music]
6. Inner Cascade [Monochrome Dub]
7. Clamorous [Omni Music]
8. Akro [Omni Music]

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