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Today ive been pleasuring my Aural Recepticals with.........
the sepultura album blue lent me.
nin - further d0wn the spiral
miles davis - kind of blue
bukem - kings of jungle 95
streetbeats - various
nin - all that could have been live
ice cube - predator Falcon

god im gonna need some new music the way im caining thru the albums...
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aural hallucination
hal·lu·ci·na·tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (h-ls-nshn)

Perception of visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or gustatory experiences without an external stimulus and with a compelling sense of their reality, usually resulting from a mental disorder or as a response to a drug.
The objects or events so perceived.
A false or mistaken idea; a delusion.


anyone ever had an aural hallucination? is it possible to have an aural hallucination?


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2 hr archive from tonight for you aural pleasure
Recorded tonights set 2 hr 96kpbs (if you have the mp3pro decoder its extra crispy Smile

http://www.phonic-live.com/uploads/audio...072004.m3u <--- stream

<---- download

Have to put up with me commentary though Oops

oh and sandy dont let the flattery go to your head, i just liked that cd is all lol
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free aural here:
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4 sale: Behringer Tube Ultra Gain Pre and Aphex Aural Ex...
Hey, selling my Behringer Tube Ultra Gain Preamp... $100 us dollars
(plus the shipping obviously)

And an Aphex "Acoustic Exciter" model 1401 with Big Bottom Stompbox ... $65 usd ...

The "acoustic exciter" works more than fine on anything non acoustic, if you read the specs it's pretty much the same as the bass or guitar ones.... I've used this to get some ungodly low end on sublines, and kicks, and add bite to snares, hats etc... Also works as a DI box as well.

Drop me a reply, a ma
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aural impact radio
finest in atmospheric drum'n'bass

[Image: http://home.arcor.de/silbrfish/ai050717.jpg]

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aural impact radio archive 051023 feat. re-fuse
re-fuse - aural impact radio 051023 (49:13min/192kbps/67.6mb)

00:00 Kaleb & Contour - Straight Ahead (Blu Saphir 002)
03:38 David Carbone & Kubiks - After Dark (BS1 012)
06:55 Syncopix - Veteran (Fokuz 021)
11:17 D.Kay - Black Magic (Brigand 003)
14:55 AJC - Changes (Phunkfiction 003)
18:01 Soulproof - Inna Dem Clothes (Fokuz Limited 006)
20:23 Kubiks & Lomax - Identity (P
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aural impact radio on dnbradio.com/futuregrooves.de
[Image: http://www.atmospheric-dnb.de/silbrfish/ai060108.jpg]

+ + SUNDAY JAN. 8th + + 16:00 gmt (/ 17:00 cet) + + on dnbradio.com


GLT (atmosphusion / aural impact "futuregrooves/dnbradio.com")

2006 see's Aural Impact take to the air ways on dnbradio.com. so make sure you check them out in what looks to be a prosperous start to the year.

You can hear on DnBradio GLT, Indigo Sync and Silbrfish taking it in turn to roll out the atmospheric styles.

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11.2|THRESHOLD@Pres: Aural Pleasure|Hartford, CT :)
[b]After last months successful "Darkness Falls" edition, the THRESHOLD Collective decided to change it up a bit and do a celebration to the wonderful sounds of Liquid, Drumfunk, Dubwise, Atmos, and melodic jungle. Calling upon some oldskool heads, nuskool and those that are well known, this months edition will showcase the cutting edge of these sounds providing a HOT oasis to the coming winter with full rich sounds to incite some very sexy moments... Sexy dancing or sexy cuddling to the beats
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aural impact, every sunday on dnbradio.com
[Image: http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/8100/...opyxr5.jpg]

Setting the trends for 2007, Atmosphusion is aiming to bring your weekends to a close
with an awesome array of deep and spheric tunes that will soothe your minds afer a
mad one. Expect classic lush tunage to new upfront bangers, all selected by the finest
outfit around, the Atmosphusion Crew. Tune in and sit back...

(Indigo sync...GLT...Silbrfish...soundsurfer...B:Fuse...Mindgear)

http://www.dnbradio.com <

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