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Questions for Aussies and cricket fans....
Q: Who was the last English person to F*ck an Aussie and come back with the Ashes ?
A: Paula Yates

Q: What does an Aussie do when he's won the Ashes?
A: Turn off his playstation
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Attn New Zealanders / Aussies / Backpackers
since i recently graduated, i'm thinking about going backpacking for a few weeks / months before starting a serious job.
australia and new zealand in particular have cought my eye.
my cousin already travelled through nz and recommended it because youth hostals are numerous in all regions and there are a lot of other backpackers.
the pictures he showed of the places he went were beautiful. i'd ask him for some advice but he lives in a remote town in chili now.
i guess i should start thinki

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